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This year, you’ve resolved to become more organized, but where to start??? If you’re up for the challenge, we have the plan. Start your New Year off on the right foot: clutter-free! Take back your home with the Goodwill 7-Day Clutter Clean-up Challenge!

Begin with one room or closet. Each day of the week, commit to cleaning out just that part of your house. At the end of the week, donate it to Goodwill!

Here’s a quick checklist to make it simple to de-clutter your home:

Day 1: Spread Holiday CheerDay 1

Spread Holiday Cheer

Yes, the holidays are over. So why are you holding on to those extra boxes of decorations, this year’s tacky sweater, that scarf you don’t like but it’s a bother to return it to the store? How about those Halloween tombstones you haven’t displayed since the late 90’s? Have three turkey platters? Why? Donate ‘em!


Day 2:  Office SpaceDay 2

Office Space

You’ve always wanted a tidy office. What better time than January, when your paperwork and files are all going into a New Year anyway? And you were probably gifted a new laptop or tablet. Why are you hanging on to the three old computers in the closet? Office supplies that you don’t need? Unneeded backpacks, notebooks or binders? We have a flair for them all. So update that file cabinet, give up that old outdated computer equipment (working or non-working), and drop them off. If you could do that, that’d be great. Mmmmmkay? Thaaaaaanks. Don’t say you didn’t get the memo.

Day 3: Crammed ClosetsDay 3

Crammed Closet(s)

If you haven’t worn it in the last 365 days, you probably don’t need it and won’t wear it. Clear it out. Shoes in boxes that haven’t been opened in a year? Hoof them over to Goodwill. And remember The Goodwill Closet Golden Rule: One In, One Out. Every time you add something, subtract something. Shop your own closet: if you wouldn’t buy it, donate it! Good job. You’ve made it this far, now “hang” in there!

Day 4: Kitchy Kitchen?Day 4

“Kitschy” Kitchen? Here’s our Counter Offer!

As you’re cooking dinner, take 15 minutes to go through your kitchen cabinets and shelves, and pull out things you don’t use. Weed out those duplicates! We all know that kitchen drawers are notorious for hiding away 7 mixing spoons, 4 measuring cup sets, and half a dozen spatulas. And don’t forget your counter space. Is it crowded with items you don’t use? Goodwill loves to accept used kitchenware items and household goods!

Day 5:  Well ReadDay 5


Take a long, hard look at your bookshelf. Gathering dust? Last read in 1985? Kids’ books…they pile up FAST. If your books have gone the way of the printing press, pack them up and give the joy of reading them (and dusting them) to someone else.



Day 6: Rewind to a Time with Less Clutter!Day 6

Rewind to a Time with Less Clutter!

The seven days are almost done! But before you congratulate yourself on your decluttering efforts, take a minute to scope out your entertainment area. How many DVDs do you own that you’ll probably never watch again? LPs, CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, video games – even old VHS tapes – yes, we’ll take them all…gladly!


Day 7: Attic Static, Garage BarrageDay 7

Attic Static, Garage Barrage – and the last place you’ll look – under the Bed.

We left the best for last. Are you just tossing things up in the attic because you don’t know what to do about them, and then forget you even have them? Stacking things in the garage that you have never opened up again? Are you putting things in boxes and sliding them under the bed, never to be bothered with? You probably don’t need any of those items! But we do!

Hooray! Not too bad, was it? And look around your de-cluttered home. Doesn’t it feel good? It should. And even if you didn’t resolve to be more earth-conscious, you can feel good knowing your donated goods will be reused or recycled. But more importantly, know that by donating your used items, you’re empowering Central Texans to transform their lives, just like you transformed your home.

Visit https://www.goodwillcentraltexas.org/locations to find a Goodwill donation location near you.




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