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What was your first job?

You probably remember it vividly. You probably also remember how difficult it was to land in the first place.

That’s why Goodwill Central Texas is honored to be a recipient of $36,600 from Gap, Inc. and a partner in their This Way Ahead (TWA) program. These valuable funds will help opportunity youth receive 10-week internships in Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic stores.

This Way Ahead

We’re especially proud that Gap, Inc. sought us out as a partner when they considered expanding the This Way Ahead program to Austin. After visiting Goodwill Central Texas, getting to know us, and witnessing our existing successful work with opportunity youth, Gap representatives felt confident that we would be valuable partners, and chose to bring this program to Austin.

And, for good reason! At Goodwill, we see how difficult it can be for opportunity youth when they are just starting off in the workplace on a daily basis. Trying to find a job with no resume, job experience, or networking connections can be tough, especially if you are in a challenging educational or family situation.

We are thrilled that Gap Inc. recognizes the transformative power of work, and the value created by connecting young people to their first job. In 2007, the company launched a job training and internship program, called This Way Ahead, to provide low-income youth with the skills they need to get – and keep – that first job.
Art Peck

Read how GAP, Inc.’s CEO Art Peck struggled to find his first job and how this experience shaped the This Way Ahead program. The business value of TWA is also highlighted in this recent article, co-authored by Gap Inc.’s CEO, Art Peck, and the Secretary of Education, John King:

In fact, thousands of teens get their first jobs in Gap Inc. stores through the This Way Ahead program every year.

“More than 75 percent of This Way Ahead graduates are hired for on-going jobs with the company. Perhaps most notably, This Way Ahead generates strong business value for Gap Inc., by creating a pipeline of diverse and engaged talent, while the youth gain valuable skills, work experience, and big boost in confidence. The program graduates hired by the company enjoy double the retention rate and higher engagement scores than their peers.”

There are so many young people who have been positively affected by #ThisWayAhead. Here are some of their stories:

For an even deeper overview, we recommend you download and read this pdf.

Like Gap, Goodwill Central Texas encourages more employers to train, mentor, or hire opportunity youth. As you read in the Linked In article, there is truly value to not only the youth who working towards sustainable careers, but there is a substantial value to the company’s bottom line.


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