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Want to help someone achieve a dream and get paid for it? Are you a college graduate? Then read on!

Imagine if you couldn’t read a sign for directions, a menu at a restaurant, a to-do list from your boss, or your child’s bedtime story. As a member for AmeriCorps, you can change that! AmeriCorps Texas Family Literacy is looking for people in our community to instruct adults and families.

Goodwill instructors see the results of AmeriCorps members’ influence every day. Like the student from Africa, who is learning English as a Second Language, and increased his literacy from 1st grade level to 5th grade level in only 6 months. Or a student who passed her first GED test recently said to her Goodwill instructor, "I want to thank Emily for helping me pass my goal!"

AmeriCorps Texas Family Literacy is an 11-month community service program that puts full-time employees in nonprofit agencies to teach basic literacy, English as a Second Language, early childhood literacy, and more. Members work in literacy classrooms, recruiting and managing volunteers, and participating in community service projects.

Of course there are some requirements: you must have a Bachelor’s Degree, be a U.S. citizen or have permanent residency, have strong communication skills, and be interested in adult education and community service. The resulting benefits are so rewarding, as AmeriCorps Member Liz says, “My time with AmeriCorps becomes more and more rewarding as I continue to serve. I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had for anything.”

The benefits don’t stop there. Every member is eligible for a $12,100 stipend, health insurance benefits, a $5,550 Education Award to use on past or future education expenses, and last but not least, professional experience and skill-building!

But the absolute best benefit? AmeriCorps Member Tanlyn puts it well: “It’s a wonderful feeling to hear back from a student who’s gotten a job, a promotion, or gone on to college and know that you helped in a small way with that tremendous achievement.” Sounds like she made someone’s dream come true.

You can, too. Log on to for all the information, and make a difference in your community! And for more information about AmeriCorps, log on to



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