Change for the long term:  Supporting our youngest learners supports our adult students!

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In 2014, we opened the first adult charter high school in Texas: The Goodwill Excel Center, the only school where adults 26 and over can earn their high school diploma. The school also provides this opportunity to adult students ages 17-25.

The Goodwill Excel CenterWe thought we had the right idea, and we did. The response was overwhelming! Anxious to change their lives for the better, over a hundred adult students poured into the school!


And while a free drop-in childcare center was available on short-term basis, it soon became obvious that we needed to help these student-parents with their full-time childcare. Many couldn’t afford childcare, and had no other reliable options to make sure their little ones were taken care of properly. Sometimes, having no childcare made the difference between an individual getting their high school diploma, staying in a job with no foreseeable future, or not being employed at all.



Goodwill Central Texas knew we needed to provide that option. A free licensed childcare center, located onsite, would eliminate that obstacle for so many Central Texans who just want to make a better life for themselves, and their families. So we did it! We established The Goodwill Exploration Center, an on-site, licensed childcare facility, at The Goodwill Excel Center.

That’s why, this year, we chose a goal of $7,500 to enhance The Exploration Center!


This is where YOU come in! The demand for services at The Exploration Center is so high; we are constantly re-stocking our inventory for books, toys, furniture, and outdoor play items. The children in this facility are being educated, and allowing their parents to have the freedom to get theirs. It’s strengthening families, lifting them out of poverty, and creating generational change!
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KEYE featured a story of some of our adult students on opening day:

Read more about our Exploration Center and donate on our #AmplifyATX page!

Help us grow the youngest generation, while their parents are transforming their lives! All of the Central Texas community will benefit from these life-changing opportunities, for generations to come. Empower families to change their lives through education! Donate to Goodwill on #AmplifyATX Day!

Schedule your donation now!

Thank you, from the parents and the children of Central Texas!


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