Create Your Halloween Costume: Before Time Vanishes!

Dia de los Muertos


Halloween is almost upon us – scary! Still working on a great costume? Let Goodwill, your Halloween Headquarters, help with some great getups.

We’ve got something for everyone – whether you want new or off-the-rack, or you want to mix and match for a one-of-a-kind look! Our staff will help you choose the perfect pieces for your custom costume!

Check out these great idea-starters:

Transport yourself into the 20’s with our Gangster and Flapper costumes! With this classic look, you can do no wrong.

Create a Gangster: dapper fedora, red snappy tie

Well, howdy, ya’ll! If you’re in Texas, it’s easy to get into the Cowboy frame of mind – and it’s easy to put together this classic costume!

Create a Cowboy

Wickedly Classic! And bewitching to boot! Start with a little black dress, and add your own version of magic. With our prices, you’ll cackle with joy!

Create a Witch

Arr! Everything ye need, matey, for yer perfect pirate. Well, blow me down!

Create a Pirate

Here’s a bloody good way to swoop into any Halloween gala! Also, these costumes do not suck – or do they? *Cue classic vampire laugh* Ahh, ahh, ahhh!

Create a Vampire

Get Zombified! Find an older suit and put some wear on it for this creepy outfit! Add makeup (find it at Goodwill!) and some black shoes, and you’re ready to slay the crowd. Use your braaaiiiinnnssss, shop Goodwill!

Create a Zombie

Check out these steamy looks! Fashion a vintage blouse, goggles, and a black top hat, you’re ready to tinker or take on any costume competition.

Create a Steampunk

For even more great getups, like these cute kid’s costumes, check out our Costume Page.
kid cowboy child princess

Want even more ideas? Visit our Pinterest DIY Halloween Costume page, where we’ve posted dozens of our favorite #DIY Halloween Costumes. Be inspired by some of the most inventive ideas that our curator dug up and pinned to our page!

Don’t forget we also carry a huge selection of home and yard décor to make your home will be the scariest on the block.

How much do we love Halloween? See how our stores get into the spirit of the season with our Monster Halloween Costume Contest! We’d love to see which is your favorite choice: vote here.

Don’t let high prices haunt you! Shop Goodwill, your Halloween Headquarters!




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