DIY Creative Planters on a Budget – Part 2



By Sarah Lisenbe, Guest Blogger and Customer Intelligence Analyst

You Gotta Terracotta

Got a little nook or a shelf at your home or the office that needs a sprinkle of happy? Try a tiny terracotta. Not too much to say here other than, terracotta doesn’t have to be terra-notta. I picked up these tiny terracotta pots at my local Goodwill and quickly turned them into something fab!:

flowre pots on window sill

  1. Add quick coat of spray paint. I went with bright yellow, but you can try any color, or more than one.
  2. Drill a small hole or two in the bottom for drainage.
  3. Add a succulent and succulent soil.
  4. Done!

These little guys are simple with clean lines but a retro feel thanks to the paint color. Gift them with a bow or place them in groups to add a green focal point to an unused space.

A-Tisket, A-Tasket, Put Your Flowers In a Basket

Got a ho-hum backyard? You can easily transform any outdoor (or indoor) space with a few flowers or ferns in baskets. Baskets make excellent planters. They come in many shapes and sizes, add texture to your design, and you can easily personalize them with paint, ribbon, or cord. Because basket weave is so good for draining, I prefer to use baskets outside, but they work great inside too. You can easily give your porch or patio a quick facelift by placing already potted plants in baskets. Or you can transform your basket into a potter:

hanging planter

  1. Head to your nearest Goodwill and go nuts. You can always find a wide assortment of baskets for incredibly low prices.
  2. Optional: paint your basket. In this example, I left my basket in its natural wood color but a coat of spray paint can help to blend your basket into your current design with minimal effort.
  3. Optional 2: turn your basket into a hanging planter. Select a hanging material (cord, twine, rope, chain, or even fishing line). If your basket is round, tie three pieces of cord, evenly spaced, around the basket. If your basket is square, use four pieces of cord, tying them to each corner. Tie the top of the cord together making a secure loop for hanging.
    • Add a base of either polythene or coco liner (a natural liner made of coconut fibers).Add a polythene that covers the entire inside of the basket with a few inches to spare. Poke a few small holes in the bottom for drainage. For coco liners go with a molded liner that fits well inside your basket.
  4. Fill a quarter of the basket with soil.
  5. Transfer your plant.
  6. Add more soil so that the basket is one half to three fourths full.
  7. Place or hang it in the perfect spot. Pro tip, for shady spots, go with ferns. They’re low maintenance and don’t need much light to thrive.

New and Donated Planters for the Non-DIY-er

And if DIY planters aren’t really your thing, don’t worry, Goodwill still has you covered with a wide assortment of donated and NEW planters that are budget friendly and beautiful!

I’ve been eyeing barrell planters for a while, so naturally when I saw them at Goodwill (for a much lower price then I’ve seen elesewhere) I grabed two! Two lillies from the clerance ailes at the garden store, and I had an amazingly lush accent for my front porch.

These yellow-gold planters were too cute to pass up! The square shape gives them a modern look and the color adds a beautiful pop to any space – perfect for my herbs!

I’ve also had amazing luck finding garden equipment such as spades, water spouts, and gardening gloves at Goodwill. Basically, whatever you need, Goodwill is likely to have you covered. So get to Goodwill and get to growing your greenery today!

Bonus Round DIY

Sometimes a planter or container may catch your eye, but it’s just not quite right for your project. Before you give up, consider how it could look with a little TLC. I found this plastic planter with cool lines but a not so cool color. A quick coat of spray paint later and it’s now a fun and funky backyard piece.



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