DIY Valentine’s Thrift Gifts: How Sweet It Is!

Teacup Candle


By Guest Blogger,
Sarah Valdez-Tate

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Now, how to make something sweet AND unique for the special people in your life? Goodwill has great items for fun – and easy – DIY gifts for your friends and sweethearts! 


Light up their life with a homemade candle!

A teacup candle is a great gift for friends, teachers – even a little “from me to me” gift! Find a set or some mismatched china pieces with similar colors. I found this lonely cup, saucer and bread plate set, just waiting for a new home. Well, I rescued it and gave it a whole new life! 

teacup candle
What a lovely teacup candle!

Here’s a great “how to” site for making the candles:

teacup and saucer before picture
Candle is finished, but you’re ready for a spot of tea!

Bonus – when you finish the candle, you can re-use the teacup!

Send a love letter!

For my kids, I made some mini Valentine’s mailboxes. I found a Christmas mailbox at Goodwill, spray painted it, then let my kids decorate their mailboxes with Valentine’s stickers. They had a blast! 

boy decorating valentine mailbox

Once the boxes were decorated, I needed to create a mailbox “post”, so I used Sticky Tack to affix the mailbox on top of some Goodwill-bought candlesticks. You can spray paint your candlesticks or leave them as is. I liked the contrast of colors, and left mine alone.

red and green mailboxwhite mailbox with valentine hearts

My 4 year old is learning to read, so I’ve already started leaving love notes for him after school. 

Bonus – this Valentine’s gift can last all year!

Coast into their heart! 

Every time your sweetie has a drink, give them a great place to set it down – on a set of DIY coasters. Check out your local Goodwill for comic books, magazines, graphic novels, art books, even text-only books. When I found this Calvin and Hobbes collection at the Goodwill Outlet store, it looked pretty well-loved, but I knew I could give it new life! 

I cut out some of the pictures and used Mod Podge® (decoupage) to glue them onto some unappealing-to-me (but in good condition) coasters. Since my husband LOVES Calvin & Hobbes, these coasters will be sure to bring a smile to his face on Valentine’s Day!

coasters befoorecoasters after

Here are easy instructions to make Mod Podge® coasters:

Bonus – custom coasters become conversation pieces during parties and get-togethers! 

Now you’re set for some great gifts that will remind your special Valentine of you all year long! 

Editor’s Note:

“But, I can’t make things!”

Not a DIYer??? Don’t worry. We’ve got that perfect, one-of-a-kind Valentine at! How about a Tiffany & Co. Sterling Silver I Love You Heart Pendant for her, and “love bird” tie tack for him? They’ll love them! And you can pick up your gift and skip the wait for shipping! 

For Her

For Him


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Dianne King, February 06, 2016

Great ideas for Valentines Day!

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