DIY Yard Art: Keep Austin Backyards Weird

yard art table chairs


By Sarah Lisenbe, Guest Blogger and Customer Intelligence Analyst

Looking to add some signature Austin weirdness to your lackluster backyard? How about trying some DIY yard art! A custom piece created by your own hands can be a great addition to any outdoor oasis, and Goodwill has plenty of material to get you started.

When most people think yard art, they think Grandma’s garden gnomes or plastic pink flamingos but yard art doesn’t have to be kitschy (although, let’s face it, kitsch is fabulous!). If you’re looking to start with something more subtle than flying pigs and grinning tree facades, try something with functionality, like a bird feeder, solar lantern, or wind chime.

I began my yard art adventure with a trip to the Goodwill Distribution Center or North Outlet. I didn’t really have a plan, I just grabbed items that appealed to me, knowing I would put them to use later. Figuring out how everyday pieces can be transformed into art is part of the fun, and at $1.09 a pound, why not take a few chances?

My “grab now, design later” approach paid off. I didn’t know what I was going to do with an old Christmas tree stand, but when I saw it next to this tin saucer, it became clear – a birdfeeder! A quick coat of spray paint – in a color with pop – and some superglue later, our backyard has become the primo dining joint for a family of cardinals. 

An old light fixture got a facelift and a new purpose with some spray paint and a solar bulb! I love the orange and it’s very “green” as a recycled, energy efficient, and totally functional outdoor lantern. 

If whimsy is more your fancy, Goodwill has you covered too! I got this pewter teapot, added some beads with fishing wire and superglue, and now I have a little sparkle in my backyard all year long.

Remember, your yard art possibilities are limited only by your imagination. With a little creativity and TLC, a broken mirror and a mismatched set of chairs and table, can become the outdoor living space you’ve always dreamed of!

So get your weird on, and head to Goodwill for an endless supply of yard art inspiration and aspiring creative supplies!




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