Make Some Magic This Halloween with our Easy DIY Costumes!

Halloween Shopping


Your Halloween decorations are up, there’s (almost) a nip in the air, and you’re already stashing away candy for trick or treaters. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner, and now it’s time to concentrate on you!

Who (or what) will you be this Halloween? So you’re not haunted by indecision, we’re showcasing some great ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

Want your costume to reflect the latest and greatest? Or a trend that just can’t be ignored? We’ve got you covered! This year, we’re giving you a wide range of pop culture options. And we got one of Austin’s top fashion designers, Sloane Lenz, and her brother, Felix (also known as the #LenzTwinz), to help us out. But you don’t need to be a fashion designer to create these costumes. With these great DIY ideas, you’ll OWN the Halloween Runway!

Sloane and Felix decided to go with a mix of traditional and current pop culture, and created four fab outfits for us!

Mysticize your party guests – be a Gypsy! Our team found this amazing skirt ($5.99) and vest ($3.99), and added a blouse, scarf and hat for a gorgeous gypsy getup! Just add crystal ball or deck of tarot cards. More into the Renaissance? This outfit is perfect for a wench! Just add beer stein, and you not only have your Halloween costume, you’re ready for the Renaissance Festival!

This vest is so versatile, you could be anything from a cymbal-playing monkey to the 70’s Rock Star of your parent’s dreams. The #LenzTwinz were going for Lost Star of “The New York Dolls!” Sloane and Felix found the perfect pieces to join the band: this embroidered vest ($3.99), red slacks ($7.99), and black beret. Just add memorable shoes to complete this glam rock look!

If you’re a fan of Netflix’s Stranger Things, you love Barb. The #LenzTwinz found everything they needed to be a dead ringer! The ruffled blouse, the skinny jeans, the tennis shoes…just style your hair, add a textbook and wrap your hand with a bloody bandage. Strange, indeed.

Another fun fad is IFC’s knock-off mockumentary on documentaries, Documentary Now! Documentary Now!’s spoof of Little Edie from the original film Grey Gardens was a personal favorite. Getting her character just right was a cinch! Found at Goodwill: fur coat ($9.99!!!), blouse ($6.99), and hat. Added: brooch, skirt, and shoes. Put on a deadpan face, and you’re set to party.

While they were shopping, the #LenzTwinz found dozens of possibilities for other costumes, like these!

Get your Pokemon Game on!!! Grab this red top and some black pants, add a black visor and a backpack, and volia, you’re a Pokeman Trainer! Not into one of the most popular games ever? Become an Olympian! Just take away the visor and backpack, add gold medal or two, and you’re a real winner!

Perfect Tin Man outfit! Just add silver face paint, spray paint a funnel for your hat, and grab an oilcan – you’re off to see the Wizard! But wait, you could also be a robot, or a spaceman, or a…well, just have fun with it, and make it your own! Prices start at just $6.99!

Want to look presidential? Shop for the perfect ladies’ pant suit or flashy power tie. Then grab a wig and style it for the candidate of your choice. Plus, we carry aging makeup for that perfect debate look! May the best man/woman win!

To finish out many of our costumes, Goodwill carries new stockings, make up, and all sorts of props, so you can Halloweenify this year at prices that won’t scare you!

Now it’s your turn! Share your DIY Goodwill costume with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, and make sure to tag us @AustinGoodwill. We are your Halloween Headquarters!




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