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rack of jeans


By: Bernadette Noll
Guest Blogger & Goodwill Enthusiast


Create a super-simple and utilitarian tablet sleeve with the denim fabric leftover from cutoffs! Perfect for keeping your screen shiny and protected!

cutoff pants

Here in Austin and across the country, it’s back-to-school time. Time to bust out the school supplies and get organized! Whether you are the one going to school or the one sending them out the door, this time of year feels like the true New Year – a time for new outfits, schedules, and a few resolutions too.

In our house, this time of year is also a time to measure the growth everyone’s had over the summer. And those pants? The ones that fit just fine in June? Are now a couple inches shy of the floor and must be given new life. It’s cut-off time! Which means new shorts for the kids and a bunch of denim pant legs, which seem way too good for the landfill or the rag bag.

finished sleeve

Those we don’t cut, we’ll donate. And to find jeans to replenish their wardrobe, we’ll DEFINITELY be searching Goodwill. With all the jeans there, EVERYONE in the house will find a few pairs that match both their size and style…and my budget!

In the name of getting organized AND dealing with this fabulous surplus, I created this super simple and utilitarian tablet sleeve. Perfect for keeping your screen shiny and protected, and perfect for those pant legs that are just too fine to toss, too.

So, whether you are a master seamstress/seamster or can barely stitch a straight line, you can make this in about 30 minutes or less! I kid you not.


  1. One pant leg wide enough for your tablet (mine is 7”)
  2. One wool sweater, washed first in hot water on high agitation.
  3. 1 grommet (easy and cheap to find at any home goods or fabric shop)
  4. 14” piece of elastic
  5. Sewing machine (of course!)

Okay! Let’s do this…

  1. Cut your sweater to size. You can measure it, or you can just fold it over the tablet for size.  Call me lazy!
    cutting red and black striped sweater
  2. While inside out, stitch the open side and one end. Leave one end open.
    sewing sweater 
  3. Flip it right side out. Try it on your tablet for fit.
    tablet inside sweater
  4. Now cut the pant leg to the right length, leaving several inches for a fold-over flap. Keep in mind that the original hem will be the top of your tablet sleeve.
  5. Flip the pant leg inside out and stitch it shut straight across the bottom. (See, I told you this would be easy!)
    sewing cur-off pant leg
  6. While denim is still inside out, stuff it INSIDE the wool pouch.
    denim leg inside wool pouch
  7. Flatten the pieces so that there are no lumps or bumps.
  8. Stitch across the bottom, making sure to capture all four layers of cloth.
  9. Flip the whole thing right side out and poke out the corners. Use a chopstick or pencil or whatever pokey-thing you’ve got handy.flipping right side out - pants on outside sweater on inside
  10. Put the pouch on your sewing machine arm and stitch all the way around, affixing the top of the sweater pouch to the denim.
    sewing sweater to pant leg
  11. Mark the center of your pouch top.
    marking center
  12. Use a hole-punch or other implement to cut a small hole in TOP LAYER ONLY of your pouch top.
    punching hole
  13. Insert grommet (this is easier than you think and makes you feel like a true tinkerer).
    inserting grommet
  14. Fold elastic in half, and tie the two ends together with a simple overhand knot.
  15. Insert elastic through grommet so that it comes out the front. Pull tight.
    inserting elastiv through grommet
  16. Slip your tablet in your pouch, stretch the elastic over the bottom, and you are good to go – Goodwill style!

finished pouch

This month at Goodwill, we’re all about the denim. And yes, I promise you, “jeans weather” will be here before you know it!. I invite you to get crafty, sign up for the newsletter, follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and send us a picture of your projects too! #GoodwillDIY



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