Experiencing Cabinet Chaos?

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Can’t stand the clutter? Get it out of the kitchen! We all know about cabinet chaos. Kitchen clutter. Packed pantries. You can close a bedroom door and pretend that your kid’s toy avalanche isn’t really there, but that won’t work for your kitchen! In fact, your kitchen is where you go to work just about every day. Is it a nice clean workspace? Perhaps, but we’ll bet when you open those drawers and cupboard doors you’d see that you have some work to do!

It’s time to declutter! Remember Coach McClutterson’s motto: get it together! Here are a few “get it together” steps that will make your kitchen transformation easy. Watch her dish out some great advice! She’ll take your kitchen from tragic to tidy!

Hi there. Coach McClutterson here.

Now that you’ve seen me in action, I’m taking over this blog, and I’m throwing out a few key hints to being a successful kitchen declutterer!

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Get it together by getting cleaned up!

Start by getting your kitchen as close to normal as possible. That means wash the dishes and put them away. Have clean countertops to use as a sorting space. In other words, start with clean slate…er, kitchen!

Use a system.

There are several out there, but we’ll go with the tried and true Box System. Have a large trashcan/recycling bin and three empty boxes ready; you can add more as needed. Label your boxes: Keep, Donate, Storage.

TOSS. This is for the expired goodies that have hidden in your pantry for years. Canned goods, sauce packets, old bottled herbs and spices…toss them! Expired coupons on top of the ‘fridge? Guess what, toss. Plastic storage containers that have shriveled in the microwave? Uh, hello…toss ‘em.

KEEP & PUT AWAY. This is the key box – it shouldn’t be overflowing. How many plate sets and pieces of silverware do you REALLY need? You only need enough to serve your normal day-to-day activities, and the occasional dinner party - if you have those types of events. This holds true for all items: pots, pans, storage containers, glasses, specialty items. Have you even used any of them in the past year? No? Move on to the next box – Donate!

DONATE. How many extra plates, mugs, whisks, ladles, bowls, and measuring cups do you have hidden away? You’ve used that juicer once. You have three crock pots – seriously?! And all those storage containers with no lids? Why? Need some coaching? DONATE ‘EM.
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STORE. We’ll give you this one. Maybe you are not ready to give up Aunt Gerty’s flowered dinnerware collection. Okay. Box it, store it, and if you haven’t used it in a year or bequeathed it to someone else, give donating a second thought.

The goden rule of organizing.  One in. One out.

One In, One Out!

Just like your closet, follow the One In, One Out Rule! If you get a new cooking set for a gift, get rid of your old one. Don’t be tempted to stack up two whole sets! Grandma’s cast iron skillet may be wonderful, but do you ever use it? DONATE IT!

Now where should I begin?

At the top, naturally! Start with your top cabinets (use a sturdy stepstool – we don’t want any accidents!). Those top shelves are the real offenders…and you most likely haven’t touched that Thanksgiving platter you bought 10 years ago, or those extra bowls you just “had to have.”

Once you tackle the top cabinets, the rest gets easier. One by one, go through all the cabinets first. Then take on the pantry, again starting at the top. Last, but not least, open those kitchen drawers and really whittle things down! You’ll be glad you did.
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Take it easy – don’t panic!

Lastly, we know many items may have a memory attached and require a decision. Take one item at a time. Think about it, love it, and let it go. De-cluttering can be a spiritual cleansing, too.

Now you’re done! Doesn’t it feel great to GET IT TOGETHER? I just knew you’d feel that way!!! Now get in that kitchen and create all those great dishes – without all those extra dishes in the way!

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