Fashionistas, Get Ready to Strut Your Stuff!



It’s almost time for local designers to strut their stuff at Austin’s Fashion Week! This year, Goodwill caught up with one of the top designers in the show. Meet Sloane Lenz, a 19-year-old avant-garde fashion designer, living here in Austin.


Her specialty is creating striking garments using mostly unconventional materials, with a preference for plastic and canvas. So where does she go looking for inspiration? Goodwill! She says (and we know), “It’s always a treasure hunt!”

High Fashion on a Low Budget

Sloane and Felix

Although she’s in the midst of preparing a dozen outfits for Fashion Week, Sloane brought us along on her latest shopping trip to the Goodwill Outlet Store, looking for items to make her next break-through designer outfit.

How in the world will she use the Valentine’s balloon and the Christmas tinsel? We’re curious! She’ll be sharing what she does with her items in a few weeks!

Follow along as she chooses pieces for her next creation – check out our shopping extravaganza here:

Sloane has been sewing since she was 8 years old. She showed her first full collection last year at Austin Fashion Week 2015. She doesn’t limit herself to designing: Sloane also writes a blog called ALLUMER, which focuses on music, style, and culture. And when she isn’t busy creating films, she hand-embroiders pillows in her free time. See more of Sloane’s work:

strawberriesSloane says, “Stay tuned for a fun recap of our treasure hunt coming soon!” And don’t miss her creations on the runway during Austin Fashion Week, April 15-23!

For a complete schedule of Austin Fashion Week events and participants, check out their website:



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