Get it together with Coach McClutterson!

Coach Blowing Whistle


Hey, you! Yeah, you!

Why are you holding onto those jeans that are two sizes too small? Penalty call!

What about that dress you just HAD to have, and only wore once? You’re benched!

Coach McClutterson, Guest Blogger here, to tell you how to get it together!!!!

cluttererd garage

Get it together!

If  your garage is stuffed to the gills, and your closet is overflowing with clothes you no longer need, then listen to my coaching advice! I’ll be sharing some handy tips on how you can quickly organize your space and donate to Goodwill! With over 50 donation locations and residential pick-ups, Goodwill makes it easy to liberate yourself from storage struggles!

hangers with clothes


Here’s todays tip! Flip your closet! Well, not your closet, just the hangers! You can see which clothes you’re really wearing. It's a great way to give your closet a good makeover, and an easy way to see what to donate to Goodwill!



Good coaching, right? And hey, have you seen me on TV yet? Well, drop and give me 30! 30 seconds, I mean, and watch while I help James get it together in his garage!




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