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With such a low unemployment rate and strong local economy here in Central Texas, getting people connected with work – even 100,000 people – seems like an easy prospect, right?  

But here are the facts: People who are undereducated, people with disabilities, people with criminal backgrounds, and people facing homelessness often have jobs with no futures – jobs that pay as low as $15,000 a year. Can you imagine being a single parent and bringing home so little? For those who want better, we need to do better.

So how do you go from homeless, to home sweet home? From prison, to provider? How do you go from limited options, to open doors? From drop out, to role model? These are the questions that Goodwill Central Texas has been answering for almost sixty years.

There is only one answer. WORK.

Over the next ten years, with your generous support, Goodwill will empower one hundred thousand Central Texans to transform their lives through work. How will we accomplish this impressive feat? With education through our free charter high school, The Goodwill Excel Center – the only school in Texas where adults ages 17-50 can earn their high school diploma. With the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy – a school offering vocational and career certifications in high-demand fields with direct job placement. And through essential job training, specifically tailored for local businesses, helping both employer and employee thrive. These initiatives not only provide access to jobs for all members of our community, but access to life-changing careers, inspiring a generational impact that lifts families out of poverty.

Empowering 100,000 Central Texans Donate Now #givingtuesday

We invite you to meet some of the people whose lives have been changed through work, and this #GivingTuesday, help empower other individuals in our community just like them. Make that transformation a reality. Together, we will create a bright future for families and Central Texas.

Gerald DavisIn partnership,

Gerald (Jerry) L. Davis
President and CEO
Goodwill Central Texas


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