Glass with Class: Dress Up Your Home with Thrifted Glassware!

Centerpiece Close Up


By Sarah Valdez-Tate, Guest Blogger

I love going to Goodwill for my glassware, especially since after every get together I inevitably lose a wine glass or two! My cabinets hold a collection of mason and jelly jars that we use for glasses and a nice mix of wine and mimosa glasses that I have collected while thrifting over time. Today I went hunting for some thrift glass and found some great glass for easy, inexpensive DIY and repurposing projects.

Repurposed Vases

For this breakfast set up, I found glass vases to use as carafes for juice. I used a salad dressing container for maple syrup and the jelly jar for drinks. No need to DIY anything here, the glass looks great on its own!  I think repurposing glass and mixing styles gives table settings more character.

Vacation memories

Fill a clear glass jar or vase with memories from a beach trip for some bathroom decoration. If you’re like me and you NEED a vacation but haven’t actually been on one, you can get shells at the dollar store for, you guessed it – $1. Goodwill glass, you make everything look so fancy.

Jute rope vase

Wrap jute rope ($1 for 3 rolls at dollar store) around a long cylindrical vase to dress it up a bit. You can also dress up a Goodwill glass vase with glitter spray paint or chalk paint, either painting the whole vase or just halfway. Buy an inexpensive bouquet of flowers for $4, split up the flowers in several small vases and put them around the house – bathroom, kitchen table, windowsill and viola – the room is happier!




DIY Sea glass

Like the sea glass look but can’t find it anywhere? Make it! Mix regular glue with food coloring and paint it on the outside of the glass. Let it dry completely before using.  It is super inexpensive and easy! You could experiment with different amounts of food coloring and paint a collection of glass to line a windowsill or display on a mantle.  Your unique sea glass collection will be a conversation starter wherever you put it.


                  Before Sea Glass treatment                                           After Sea Glass treatment

Sugar Scrub

Looking for an easy DIY gift for a friend? Use Goodwill glass jars with lids to hold this simple, chemical free spa scrub that everyone will love.Mix equal parts sugar and olive oil together (Optional - I added 15 drops of essential oil for extra scent). That’s it! You most likely already have the ingredients in your kitchen! I intended on using this for pedicures but it worked so well I put it in my shower and use it all over, even my face. If you only try one thing, let this be it.These make great gifts, but you know, sometimes you just gotta #TreatYourself!

Table Centerpieces

You can dress up your dining table easily with these simple centerpieces. Find three identical glass items. I found terrariums (someone must have donated a bunch after a wedding), but you could also use wide vases or bowls. I filled the bowl with dollar store potpourri, but you could also use coffee beans, jellybeans, sand, rocks, or glass vase fillers. Add three candles on top. I used small jar candles for fire safety and easy clean up. You could leave it like this or add foliage around the glasses. Where did I get my foliage? I clipped the bushes in front of my home (not kidding) and arranged the leaves around the glasses. Like my girlfriend says – it’s all about the styling!

Goodwill has plenty of glass items to class up your next DIY project. Shop around for different sizes, shapes and textures, and share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!




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