Goodwill Staffing Group: The Secret is Out!

Goodwill Staffing Group


Have you ever wondered how Goodwill finds people jobs? (Other than in our own stores, of course…contrary to what many people think, we place people in jobs outside of our own operations – over 85% of our placements, in fact!)

We’re sharing a little secret that we don’t want to be a secret! One of our greatest job-matching methods is through our Goodwill Staffing Group. Goodwill operates the 4th largest staffing group in the Central Texas area! Surprised? Last year alone, Goodwill Staffing Group (GSG) placed nearly 1,200 Central Texans into temporary positions with local employers throughout Central Texas!

Looking for work? We’re always hiring!

From Microbiologists to CDL Drivers to Call Center Operators and everything in between! Apply NOW for jobs through Goodwill Staffing Group!

“A platform job to a career.”

GSG embodies our mission of generating lifelong connections to work. Our goal is to take everyone from a temporary job to a full-time, permanent position. These temporary jobs are the first connection, not only for employees overcoming obstacles to good jobs, but to local employers who were unaware of our pool of highly-skilled talent. So many employers are impressed with GSG-provided personnel, that this is a real turning point for them.

“I’ve seen lives changed…transformed…from being homeless to having their own place,” says Malcolm Walls, Senior Manager, Operations at GSG. “I’ve seen lives taking shape, families solidifying, and hopes cementing into new realities. Employment is an amazing thing. It empowers people to make decisions in a way they never could before.”

How does it work for Job Seekers?

Goodwill talent-matches job seekers with local employers and helps ensure their professional success with essential training in the areas of customer service, workplace etiquette, and safety. “We want to help everyone with obstacles to employment, and our desire is to be top of mind for employers,” says Malcolm. “We’re not just changing lives for the better, we’re changing Central Texas for the better.”

Job Seekers, apply for jobs available through Goodwill Staffing Group.


How does GSG work for Employers?

Finding the right person for the job can be costly, in time and dollars. Through our job placement and recruitment services, GSG can offer a highly-efficient and cost-effective way for employers to connect with the job-ready personnel they need.

Goodwill Staffing Group provides candidates to support full-time workforces in administrative, light industrial, manufacturing, CDL drivers, technical, custodial, and professional capacities. We focus on customer-centric solutions that exceed expectations! Unique to GSG, we provide on-site quality control and personalized service to ensure job success. You can also enjoy accelerated conversions to permanent hire, because that is what our mission is all about!  

Robyn Householder, Goodwill Central Texas’ Vice President of Business Development, notes, “Part of our job is to figure out what talent is lacking in our area; then, we create the training and tools to fill those gaps and create opportunities for the clients we serve.”

Employers, get more information on Goodwill Staffing Group.

For more information about Goodwill Staffing Group, contact Malcolm Walls at


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