Halloween Costumes for the Wickedly Busy!

Halloween Costumes


It’s always hectic this time of year! Luckily, with only a few days left, we’ve done all the work for you. Step into your nearest Halloween Headquarters and get everything you need head-to-toe for your scariest costume ever! Been to one of your Halloween Headquarters lately? Just take a look at our North Lamar store!

Don’t forget the time-honored Halloween classic of dressing like the UNDEAD. Be the afterlife of the party with these classic Vampire or Zombie styles!

male vampire prom zombie

Choose something ADVENTUROUS when you transform into a Pirate or a Time-traveling Steampunk. Goodwill has new accessories and tons of items off-the-rack to complete your costume: from shirts to swords, and pants to pistols!

male pirate steampunk

Or maybe you’re in the mood to be something OTHERWORLDLY like a Fairy, a Unicorn, or a Gauzy Ghoul. With Goodwill you can fly/prance/float into your Halloween festivities!

fairy unicorn ghoul

How about dressing like someone from your FAVORITE ERA, when you dress like a Cowboy, a Gangster, or a Flapper? Be the star of your own bygone era!

cowboy female gangster male gangster

Maybe this year you’d rather get FESTIVE! Become a Party Monster or dress for Day-of-the-Dead! Your Halloween Headquarters has costumes, accessories and makeup to pull off your fabulous makeover.

party monster

If you can dream it, you can find it at Goodwill! Shop Goodwill, your Halloween Headquarters and #GetAlltheCandy!


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