Halloween Thrifting is for the Kids!

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Halloween Kids Costumes that won’t bleed you dry

By Bernadette Noll, Slow Family Livingimage of scary clown on computer screen

My 8-year-old son was tired of always having to create his costume, and was drooling over the ready-mades he found online.

Rather than dismiss his desire for buying new, I told him to save the image and we could create a look-alike outfit with things we found at Goodwill. He agreed (with youthful reluctance).

Once we hit the Hallbags of various colored stockings on the rackoween aisles at our neighborhood Goodwill, we immediately found just the right striped tights and his hopes were immediately bolstered.clown wig

Next he examined wigs, referencing his photo and searching for just the right pieces to match his desired costume. “Here’s the perfect one!” he exclaimed.

Finding the spot-on mask took a little more time, as he checked them off one by one. “This one’s too friendly, this one’s too big, this one’s too hot.”

scary mask 1

Then finally he roared from behind the perfect one, “This is it!!”

scary mask 2

And then he raised a most realistic blood stained knife triumphantly above his masked head. Ah yes, my child.

After a little more messing around in the Halloween aisles trying on all kinds of get-ups (get a load of these fun outfits!), we were off to the racks to find the rest of his ensemble.

mom trying on hat and goggleschild trying on hot dog costume

child with black and white striped shirt

Back on track, we found a striped long-sleeve shirt amongst the extra-small women’s tops, boys dress pants (half price today!), a plain black t-shirt and even the perfect black high-tops. Everything we needed to complete his desired look.

Once home, he couldn’t wait to cut the pieces for the perfect look, as we laid out our purchases for inspection.

costume materials

A little zig-zag cuchild in final costumet on the pants, some jaggety-jaggy cutting on the shirt and, voila, all our pieces were ready! And my little doubting-Thomas was a doubter no more. In fact, he wore his costume all weekend long, just for fun.

Total cost? $26.43. Total amount of fun we had while searching and creating? Priceless.

That’s why we call Goodwill our Halloween Head-Quarters (Quarters, get it? You don’t spend so much? Ha.)




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