IBM and Goodwill:  Mapping Out the Future

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What does IT have to do with our vision of empowering 100,000 Central Texans to transform their lives through work? It turns out, a lot. The retail stores that sell our precious donated goods need secure, fast IT for our wonderful customers. Our Case Managers use other programs to secure our clients’ information and assist them on their journey. Our E-Commerce system has to handle everything from payment to shipping. And let’s not forget our transportation system – there’s a whole lot of coordinating going on!

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So when Zachary Haines heard that IBM was offering expert advice on creating custom IT Roadmaps for businesses, he jumped at the opportunity. Zac, Vice President of Information Technology and Performance Excellence at Goodwill Central Texas, knew that Goodwill had never created such a guideline, and was anxious to get started. With CEO & President Jerry Davis’ approval, he approached IBM about the Technology Roadmap grant.

What is the Technology Roadmap grant?

The Technology Roadmap grant is designed to help a small or mid-sized organization evaluate the current state of its applications or technical operations and determine needed improvements. It takes into account the organizations objectives, long term goals, and mission. This roadmap takes a high-level functional perspective, without recommending specific products or brands of hardware and software.

Get your engines running!

IBM was thrilled to be a part of mapping out Goodwill’s IT future, especially one so challenging: from retail stores to staffing groups to the corporate offices, everyone was using (and needing) something very different.

Two IBM technologists were assigned to make a multi-day assessment of Goodwill’s IT environment, and from that study, determined the needs, capabilities and long- and short-term plan for IT at Goodwill. They laid out a suggested template of software, technology, and hardware, and discussed how to best meet the needs of today and integrate into the future. Zac then took that plan and worked alongside the IBM specialists, creating a truly synergistic roadmap for all of Goodwill’s varied departments and needs.

Zachary Haines

Vice President of Information Technology and Performance Excellence


“I wanted to make sure we went through every single piece of the puzzle, and examine what was talking to what, what was working, what wasn’t, what was about to become obsolete. We also went over hot trends that would be a good fit for us, and identified which ones weren’t. Lastly, we mapped out what pieces of the plan fit within our budget, both right now and in the future, that will still keep us achieve our strategic goal of creating a viable road plan to improve our technology. Bottom line: we wanted to determine the best way to congregate information and usage to move Goodwill forward.”

Sandy Dochen, Manager of Corporate Affairs at IBM, probably summed it up best, “It’s great to see that the thoughtful team at Goodwill took the recommendations of outside consultants, internalized them and turned them into a true navigational document that supports your continued growth. Goodwill stands for everything good in our region.”

Thank you, Zac, Sandy, and IBM! Over the next ten years, 100,000 Central Texans will be thanking you, too!



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