Magnus Innovation Partners with Goodwill Central Texas for Fulfillment Services

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A Light Came On

Magnus Innovation has announced a new partnership with Goodwill Central Texas for fulfillment of their next generation bicycle and sports safety products: Vision II, Bold II and Atlas. Magnus had made a decision to box and ship all their products locally, but were unsure where to begin looking for quality personnel who were trained at the high level they demanded.

When Goodwill Board Member Michael De la Fuente heard about their needs, he reached out to Magnus Innovations’ VP of Sales and Operations, Estella Baytan. When he recommended that she check out Goodwill Central Texas’ Business Solutions, which offers quality, trained-to-task personnel, it was like a light bulb came on. She felt it would be the perfect fit.

 Magnus Innovation pictured in bike light close up

Ms. Baytan realized that both Magnus and Goodwill have shared values and a commitment to community. Magnus Innovation recently launched Vision II and Bold II as rechargeable LED products, with a goal to keep more batteries out of landfills, decrease  traffic on Austin roads, keep bicyclists safer and do their part to improve cycling infrastructure and the overall lifestyle of Austinites. Goodwill is committed to connecting Central Texans to sustainable careers and operating as a zero waste organization – last year, Goodwill kept 28.6 million pounds of goods out of landfills.

“Our partnership is forged from many of the same values,” says Ms. Baytan. “Our values of integrity, put others first, give often…those all align with Goodwill’s mission and values as well, and assure that we’ll have a solid winning relationship for a very long time.”

rows of  Magnus Innovation products

Magnus’ commitment to the environment, coupled with their safety products and traffic congestion relief, appealed to Goodwill leadership. “We love working with others to improve the Central Texas community,” said Gerald Davis, President and CEO of Goodwill Central Texas. “As one of the largest employers in Central Texas and as a Board Member of the Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce, I appreciate innovative companies. We are excited to be partnering with one who shares our values and is committed to our mission.”

Goodwill Business Solutions staff began product fulfillment and shipping last month, and is proud to be a partner with Magnus Innovation. For more information, contact Robyn Householder at

About Magnus Innovation

Magnus Innovation is a forward thinking company that believes their purpose is to give first, provide a sustainable “Magnus experience” for the growth of their team members, deliver exceptional customer service, creatively solve community problems and develop winning partnerships. Magnus Innovation’s focus is to be the thought leader in business culture by selflessly placing others first and sustainably preserving our planet. Their strong belief is that their growth in revenue is directly related to leading with these virtues: servanthood and altruism. For more information, please visit:

About Goodwill Central Texas

Goodwill Industries of Central Texas, established in 1958, is a well-respected community 501(c)3 nonprofit workforce advancement organization. Goodwill has grown exponentially over the last decade, from $19 million in 1999 to a budget of more than $84 million in 2015. In 2014, the organization served 14,555 Central Texans. Of those, 6,218 enrolled in job placement intensive services, with 58% placed in competitive community employment. The organization has strong leadership, a sound business model, and a reputation for delivering quality employment services. 

For more information please visit .



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