Make your own Trick-or-Treat Bag!

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The Perfect Trick-or-Treat bag in 3 (or 4) Easy Steps!

As kids, our Halloween stash was always collected in a pillowcase. It was the last thing we’d grab as we went dashing out the door, since we put all our efforts into our cool costumes. By night’s end, that pillowcase was weighted down with our efforts. The only problem was that it was a pain to carry – and meant we were operating all night with just one hand free to reach for those treats. Not exactly the best way to #GetAllTheCandy!

With my own kids, I’ve continued the pillow case tradition. But not this year! My kids will be armed with a new and perfect vessel for their mountains of candy – the Goodwill T-shirt Trick-or-Treat bag! Amongst its many merits, a t-shirt treat bag is a cinch to make, and you can feel good about upcycling someone else’s unwanted tee. But most importantly, it will expand and expand as the candy load accumulates!

Even a novice sewer can stitch up one of these Trick-or-treat bags in just 3 simple steps. All you need is a t-shirt, a sewing machine and a pair of scissors. Or, if you’re a fan of hand sewing, that’d work too. Here’s how:

  1. Choose your t-shirt and lay it out flat on the table. Bonus points if you use a Halloween-themed t-shirt.
    plain orange tshirt 
  2. Cut-off the sleeves and the neck.
    orange shirt with halloween images - sleeves and neck cut off
  3. Turn your t-shirt inside out and stitch the bottom shut. shirt on sewing machine
  4. shirt on sewing machine - folded(Optional Step) If you want to give your bag a little more shape, you can square off the bottom easily. With the bag still inside out, create a 3-4” triangle at the bottom corner of the bag and stitch a straight line across. Do this on both sides.


That’s it! Done. And ready to load up with all the candy your “goblin” heart desires.
boy in scary clown  costume with bag

BONUS! But wait, what if you want to have BOTH sides of your bag decorated? Let’s try a classic design: a Jack-O-Lantern! Here’s an easy way to do it with duct tape and bleach:

  1. Using duct tape, create a jack-o-lantern pattern on your shirt.t-shirt bag with stencil on it
  2. Insert a piece of cardboard or plastic between the layers of the shirt so the bleach doesn’t bleed through.
  3. Spray over tape with bleach, and let the shirt dry.
  4. Remove the duct tape and you’re good to go!



boy in scary clown  costume with stencil bleached side of the bag



Now that you’ve got your Goodwill T-shirt bag, do you still need a costume? Get on over to Goodwill, your #HalloweenHeadquarters, where you’ll find hundreds of options for creating award-winning costumes! Whether you are a fan of ready-made or want to create your own, whether you like to plan ahead or throw something together at the last minute, Goodwill DEFINITELY has the goods – like the scary-fun costume we created last week (and the model holding our Goodwill Trick-or-Treat Bag)! Go #GetAllTheCandy!!!


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