Mother’s Day Brunch on a Budget

mothers day brunch


By Melissa Massello of

I gave a very scientific (read: Facebook) poll to all my mom friends about what they really wanted their ideal Mother's Day to look like, a few things became crystal clear: All the moms wanted to spend quality time with their kids and partners, they wanted to sleep in, they wanted brunch, they wanted thoughtful handmade gifts, they didn't want to clean up anything, all day, and they wanted some indulgent time to themselves, all alone, to do girly things.

So, kids and dads and partners out there, if you're listening, here's your road map:


Keep your eye on the prize: letting mom sleep in and not making her clean up. Keep it simple, and if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed, leave Pinterest out of it. Grab some of her favorite ready-made indulgences from the grocery store, or take advantage of celebrating Kerbey Lane's 35th birthday this week and go for gold with her favorite pancakes at home. Pair with some fresh fruit, lots of coffee, sparkling apple cider for younger kids and mimosas for the adults. She'll love it, and love you for it. Promise.


I found these vintage Mikasa plates at Goodwill for 99 cents each, and the mismatched late-70s/early 80s flatware for just a few bucks, all of which remind me of my mom & her style during my childhood years. The camp mugs, IKEA flutes, vase, tablecloth, vintage cloth napkins, all also from Goodwill. Just because you don't have fancy dishes is no reason not to have Mom over. Goodwill can help! Just choose styles that coordinate in a single color palette or decade to keep things pretty. Whatever you come up with, Mom will approve and appreciate all your effort!


Whether it's making a bath soak for her to enjoy some relaxing tub time later that day (swap out Epsom salt in this lavender, lemon & eucalyptus recipe for one she'll really love) and then bottling in pretty thrifted glassware like I did, simply making her some free download-and-print coupons (like these or these) to use later and packaging them in a pretty vintage box, or even making your own gift wrap for a secondhand find you know she'll love, Goodwill can help you make her something unique and special that she'll remember and enjoy throughout the year, and will appreciate that you didn't spend a fortune. I found this marble & agate box for $4.99 at the Lake Austin Boulevard Store, and see pretty vintage jewelry or curio boxes all the time!


Remember that "alone time" all my mom friends told me they desire so much? It's not that they don't love their families, it's just that all moms deserve a little day off and a little privacy, not to mention a little pampering. A creative day of fun with their families in the morning/mid-day (hikes, picnics, other interesting experiences, like adventuring to a new nearby city or town) followed by some spa or shopping time was at the top of the list. Presenting her with an "experience gift basket" to use that day or later on, maybe including some gift cards to local shops and spas (or even to the local car wash, and then take her car to get detailed for her -- something every mom friend wanted badly!) Treat her special this week. You only have one mom, forever and ever.



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