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This week, we are looking at the wonderful world of picture frames! Here are some simple projects you can do at home with frames that you can find at any of our Goodwill stores. Here are my favorite four projects.

Here’s my deconstruct before starting the rebuild.

frames on patio


Message board

This is not only pretty, but pretty useful. Write permanent words on a piece of scrapbook paper and frame it. Now you can use a dry erase marker on the glass to complete your personal message – and change it daily!

Need inspiration for your frames?
  • I love you because ________.
  • Thank you for__________.
  • You are wonderful for_____________.
  • Mommy needs a break because_____________.  
  • Just kidding. (Maybe.)

Key holder

kayholder frameAre you always running late because you can’t find your keys? Frantically looking under couch cushions, even in the trashcan – and then 15 minutes later finding them in your car? No? Me neither. (Ha, ha – nope – definitely not me! * nervous laughter *.) But if you know someone who “loses” their keys often, here’s a handy way to keep them discoverable. Just paint a cute picture frame and hang it on a wall by the entrance. You can use command hooks in the center and…voila! A pretty and convenient place to hang your keys!


Gallery wall

gallery on wall

I wanted to add a splash of character to my narrow and empty hallway, so I decided to start a gallery wall. I love gallery walls because they can be so versatile. You can display portraits, animals, landscapes, vintage prints, family photos, or even just empty frames in cool colors!  I found lots of great frames at Goodwill for great prices! If you want to start your own, look for different shapes, textures and sizes. You can paint them to match a color scheme in your house or leave them natural. Here is a picture of mine; I’m just getting started!

Jewelry frame

frame with mesh and earringsI found this really pretty frame and wanted to make a decorative earring holder with it for my vanity. I painted the frame light blue, glued gold-painted chicken wire to the back, and added my dangle earrings to it. (Hint: This would be a great gift for girlfriends!) You can paint the frame, decoupage it, or glue costume jewels or broken jewelry around it. No matter how you decorate it, it will definitely be a unique piece.

See, aren’t these neat ideas? You will never look at the picture frame section at Goodwill the same way again! If you’ve ever tried a craft or project using picture frames, please share it! Post it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! We would love to see your finished projects!



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