Plan the Ultimate FOOTBALL Party!

Dart Board


It’s coming up fast: The Big Game! Our annual football match-up is the best party event of the year! For many sports fans, watching the ultimate football contest is absolutely the best excuse to host a fun-filled get-together. All over the U.S., having a football party is almost as much fun as watching the game (or the commercials!!!) and cheering on your favorite team.

table with party supplies, bowls, warmers, broncos dart board, etc

So have a party that people will remember! Make it a wonderful, winning experience with a little help from Goodwill. Here’s how:

Have a Game Plan

Tackling game day festivities can seem overwhelming without a game plan. You don’t want to have to buy, cook, and clean up! Keep it simple and go potluck! Let people bring a selected food item from your list, and you provide the watching venue and the serving dishes!

tableclothsStart with great coverage!

Goodwill has all sorts of tablecloths and coverings to make your snack table look super!

First down!

Usually people start snacking on veggies and chips with dip or other appetizers. Need a nice serving tray? We have lots to choose from!

glass serving tray

rose reclinerArmchair Quarterbacks?

Maybe you need an extra chair or two? We have those! From folding chairs to the ultimate recliners, check out our great seating inventory!

Crockpot Delicious!

Chili, gumbo, baked beans, or queso…we’ve got you covered with a huge selection of crockpots to keep your hot stuff hot!


Champion those Casseroles!

We’ve got lots of ‘em. Prepare your dishes in advance so you can pop them in the oven the day of the big bash!

yellow oval ceramic serving bowlsshelves with cooking supplies

Tackle those finger foods!

With platters and appetizer plates galore at Goodwill, your chicken wings, ribs, pizza rolls, and sandwiches will all look fantastic on one of these nice big platters!

shelves of plate sets

green glass punch bowlPunch bowl!

Sometimes you need extra drinking cups, pitchers, and other items, like a punch bowl and glasses, to serve your super drinks!

Make it the best bowl game!

You know you’ll be serving lots of chips during the Big Game, so get some fantastic bowls to serve them in! That’ll be just super, right? Check out our wide array of bowls at Goodwill and score, big time!

glass chip and serving bowls


Earn your MVP title with party games (like this amazing Broncos dart board!!!), party supplies, favors, and other decorations! With Goodwill’s help, you can decorate your home and score a touchdown with your friends!

coffee table with serving bowls, broncos dart board




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