Prepare for the Fair: Job Fair Tips!

Job Fair


Searching for a new job or looking to advance your career? Job fairs are a great way to meet multiple, potential employers all in one place AND have on-the-spot interviews – all while practicing your career skills. The annual City of Austin 2017 Career Expo is right around the corner on March 29 so read on for tips on how to get navigate a job fair for success!

The 2017 Career Expo
Palmer Events Center, 900 Barton Springs Road
No registration is required
Free and open to the public

Job Fair

Last year the Expo brought together 110 employers with more than 4,000 job openings.

Stand out from the rest so you can land that dream job!

Do your research.

Is this the right job fair for you? If all the jobs are IT focused, and you’re in customer service, then you may want to look for a job fair that’s a better fit. Find out which employers are attending and learn everything you can about organizations for whom you’d like to work. You’ll be better prepared to answer the question, “Why do you want to work for ABC Corp.?”

Make sure to check our Job Fairs page frequently!

Dress for an interview.

Dress like you’re the boss! Take care with your outfit – you want to look professional. Nothing too: casual, flashy, short, low, or tight. Clean and tidy clothing, and sensible but nice-looking shoes are a plus for a long day at a career fair. The Balance has some great suggestions for every kind of interview attire for every kind of interview. Don’t forget, you can find great business interview clothing for less at your nearest Goodwill store!

Bring multiple copies of your most updated resume.

Obviously! (See our tips below.)

Have a game plan.

Know who you want to talk to most, so you spend your time at the fair wisely, and with the people who have the potential to most advance your career.

Exchange contact information.

You’ll want this so you can follow up with a phone call or a nice handwritten thank you note. If it doesn’t work out now, you’ll have their personal email/phone to reach out for any opportunities at a later date.
Thank you

Follow up.

Whether or not you were hired on the spot, promised a call at some time in the future, or not offered a position at all, send a personal thank you note or email. Hiring managers will remember this courtesy when they are looking for future positions.


Quick Studies:

A quick video study on preparation from gives you a great overview of the basics.

This great blog from Gianna Sen-Gupta on Huffington Post gives you the nitty-gritty on preparation.

Brush up that Resume!

Now that you’ve got the basics for your job fair attendance planned out, make sure your resume (CV) is the best it can be. Is it updated? Is your contact information correct? Do you have your complete job history or have you tailored it to the position you’d really like to land? Find a great resume tip source from Susan Ireland, filled with numerous examples and short tips on how to make your resume shine!

The All-Important Interview

You’re standing in front of your dream employer’s hiring manager at the job fair. She asks you to please sit down and proceeds to start a conversation about the position. Even though you’re surrounded by tons of people and it’s noisy, never forget that you’re in a real interview!  

The questions can range from the expected to out of the ordinary. If you’ve done your research on the company, you’re one step ahead. But watch for roadblocks! Be ready for every possible interview question from The Job Network. And has great “dos” and “don’ts” during interviews that everyone should brush up on!

Job fairs are just one way to advance your career and you can check our Events page for the latest Job Fair listings, hosted by Goodwill Central Texas and other Central Texas employers. And don’t forget that Goodwill Central Texas has tons of educational and training opportunities to get you ahead!


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