Save Yourself a Guilt Trip With Goodwill!

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The tinsel’s been swept, the wrapping paper placed in the recycling bin, & the last of the eggnog polished off.  It’s time for that other holiday tradition: The 3 R’s – Return, Regift, or Recycle.

No, we aren’t talking about that 2nd cousin still on the fold-out couch in your living room. We’re talking about those gifts you’ve received, and the “what to do with them” dilemma. We know that old drip coffee pot doesn’t stand a chance next to your new Single Cup Home Brewer.  And how many old laptops do you actually need stacked in your study or game room to prop up your new tablet? Or what about that sweater your aunt thoughtfully (or thoughtlessly) picked out for you?

We have an idea – how about donating those gifts you know you’ll never use but just might make someone’s holiday season? Take a trip to any Goodwill, and save yourself a guilt trip. By donating items, you are not only “re-gifting” to someone who will appreciate it but generating funds to support our community and recycling programs.

And that’s a “regift” that keeps on giving…to Central Texas!

Don’t  forget to come to our either of our boutique stores on Westbank or Chimney Corners at Far West  to pick out that gift for yourself that you really wanted. Our coupon for 15% off your total purchase is good through December 31st – New Year’s Eve outfit, anyone?


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