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‘I went from being an unemployed vet to owning my own business with my own truck – life is sure good.” -Lynn Johnson, Veteran, Over-The-Road Truck Driver, Business Owner

When Lynn came to Goodwill, he was a recently discharged vet, crashing at a friend’s apartment. Because he had gone straight into service, Lynn hadn’t pursued a college education, and he desperately needed a job.

 The first thing he did was attend Job Boot Camp. That appealed to him with his military background. He nailed it. They then assigned Jenna, his case manager, to help Lynn navigate his career and education choices. Jenna immediately realized how intelligent, determined, and motivated Lynn really was.

His dream job was to be an over-the-road truck driver, so with the help of Goodwill Central Texas Operation GoodJobs, Lynn enrolled in the Job Placement Program to obtain a Class A Certified Driver’s License. After completing his training, Lynn job-searched, networked, and was hired one week after getting his license. A month later, he was offered an even better paying job.

 And Lynn is a real plan-ahead kind of guy. While on the road, he kept a scanner in his truck cab so he could get documents back to headquarters with no waiting time. And when he had the chance to purchase his own truck and work together with eight other independent truckers, Lynn felt it was the right thing to do: open his own business. That’s what he’d always wanted to do.Lynn standing next to his truck

 Lynn now drives the 48 contiguous states, transporting goods to grateful vendors. “At the end of the day, I have accomplished things that I knew I could do, but I didn’t have the support I needed to get them done,” says Lynn. “Goodwill and Operation GoodJobs got me the resources and training I needed. That enabled me to accomplish my long range goal of owning my own business.”

 Operation GoodJobs assists veterans and their families with job training and placement services. The goal is to achieve job placement, retention and long-term financial stability. For more information, email us at or check out our page on Facebook:

 For more information about the national program of Operation GoodJobs for veterans, log onto



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