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The Girl on the TrainIt was a dark and stormy night…no wait, that’s not right…it’s a beautiful summer day!

Yay, Summer! Vacation time – sunny days to relax by the pool, chill out at the beach, or hang out in your own backyard. You’ll have the normal list of “Relaxing To Do’s” over the summer, and if you like to read, you’ll want a good summer reading list.

Start with Goodwill! Yes, Goodwill Central Texas has an outstanding assortment of books, both online and in-store! We have over 35,000 books, DVDs, CDs, and BluRays in stock (be prepared for that occasional rainy summer day in Central Texas!). We carry everything from bestsellers to more rare editions, from “how to” books to romance novels, so we’ll surely have a plethora of picks for whatever appeals to you.


And the best part: your summer reading list will never come at a more affordable price. That’s more budget to use for your vacation clothes, swimwear, sunglasses, and hats (also available at our famously-low prices!).

Whether you’re playing mini-golf with some friends or having a backyard get-together, dress the part for summer fun!

To get you started with your summer reading list, here are a few suggestions:


Back-to-School Textbooks!

It’s not too soon to think about back-to-school! We carry thousands of textbooks, so you can do some early shopping for school, and help a great cause at the same time…win, win! And when you get new textbooks for you or your college-aged children, you can reduce clutter by donating the pre-loved books to your local Goodwill, so that new bibliophiles can enjoy them…passing on the joy of reading!


Brick-and-Mortar Bookstores

We know some of you want to leaf through a book before you buy it. We’ve got you covered! Just stop by one of our Attended Donation Center (ADC) Bookstores. You can donate clothing or household items and purchase books and DVD’s at these smaller locations, which are scattered around the Central Texas area. Check one out near you!


Back to online shopping – we’ve featured just a few of the books, DVD’s and BluRay discs available. We have other online book resources as well! You can find them all together on our main online shopping link:


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