Spring has Sprung at Goodwill

Flower Basket


By Sarah V., Guest Blogger

I love decorating for the seasons, so I went to my local Goodwill this weekend for some spring inspiration. I noticed a generous section of woven baskets and decided to pick a few up for some simple spring projects. I was immediately inspired and couldn’t wait to get home and start DIYing!

I started off simply, by putting a pot of flowers in this basket to make a cheery outdoor centerpiece. Pretty!

Moving on to one of my favorite DIY approaches, I spray-painted these baskets with pastel colors to make cute Easter baskets!

before baskets

Before: Plain Baskets.

cute easter baskets

After: Cute Easter Baskets!

And remember, there are lots of other ways to use the baskets you find at Goodwill In January’s post, we spray-painted this basket to hold pastries. Now I use it to hold magazines in the living room! What will I use it for next month? ☺

On another note, I met one of my best friends at Goodwill – the shoe basket! (Or “SBreezy” as I like to call him. Yes, I named a basket.) SBreezy prevents the shoe explosion that happens every day after school in my entryway.

shoe basket Meet my BFF: “SBreezy,” the Shoe Basket!


From Baskets to…Waffles???

Another item that caught my eye at Goodwill was a waffle maker. I know, I know – what does a waffle maker have to do with spring? First of all, do you really need an excuse for waffles? No. Second, I had been seeing all these different recipes to make with a waffle maker – mozzarella sticks, cinnamon roll waffles, hash browns – and I figured there would be a spring angle somewhere.

There was! I used pancake & waffle mix, candied eggs, shredded coconut, and green smoothie powder (you can also use green dye) to make this masterpiece. Mix the powder or green dye with the shredded coconut and put on top of the waffle. Put the candy eggs on top of the coconut and you have some sweet Bird’s Nest waffles. Watch little faces light up when these are served!

You won’t hear a peep out of your kids when you serve them Bird’s Nest Waffles. They’ll be too busy eating all that fun!

Finally, I decided I couldn’t do spring without spring cleaning, right? Between the four of us in my house, I was able to haul 6 large yard bags of donations to Goodwill. I always feel good going to the donation station, because I know that my donations help Central Texans gain education, job training, work experience and job placement services. (I worked as a Goodwill case manager helping clients for 7 years, and I have seen how Goodwill’s amazing programs change people’s lives!) If you want to see first-hand how your donations help Central Texans, come join us on The Real Goodwill Tour!

How does Goodwill help you celebrate Spring? Share your tips and stories with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!




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