SXSW means SXGW!

Ashley Leather Jacket


It’s that time of year again! From tech to movies to music, we know everyone loves SXSW, and everyone wants to look great during the Festival. That’s why we’re going SXGW – South by Goodwill!

Need something cool and new to wear that won’t cost you a fortune (and that you won’t see everyone else wearing)? Find it at Goodwill, the Austin destination for local, unique looks that are perfect for SXSW!  (TIP: If you look for the YELLOW tag on items this week, you’ll get 50% OFF through Saturday, March 19th with our weekly Color Tag Sale!)

“I found five different looks and I loved them all!” –Christina

Just to prove our point, we asked a few trendy Goodwill Central Texas employees to shop Goodwill and model their choices for really great SXGW outfits. They had some stellar street style! From conservative to experimental, here are just a few:

ChristinaThe SXGW “Cowgirl”

You can’t live in Texas and not like to go out toe-tapping once in a while! Here’s a millennial’s take on what boot-scootin’ Texans are wearing these days, that will fit right into the South by scene! Christina says, “During Austin City Limits, my style is all fringe and lighter tones, but for South by Southwest I like to bring out the studs and the leather!” Christina’s vintage, country style leather lace up roper boots add a little Texas edge to any look, while the baby pink shade and leather tooled tongue of the shoe add some trendy and feminine detail. Paired with a studded, washed out sleeveless denim vest, pink skull patterned scarf, and simple crew neck dress in a breathable fabric, they’re perfect for a babe who is ready to rock all day in the Texas heat and still stay cool.

The best part? Get this look for less than $20! Yeehaw!

Christina's final looks

Christina shows off comfortable daytime looks for staying cool in the South by sunshine. She heats up her look with a leather jacket and 90s inspired touches for a bold evening look.

ShymetraMiss SXGW Classy

If you’re going to be shakin’ it up at the music fest, here’s a comfortable yet classy way to go! Shymetra starts any outfit with a pop of color, like corral pants or a flirty floral pattern. Then she adds accessories like stunner shades or a stack of shiny bangles to really ring in the spring festival season! A statement ring and a simple woven clutch complete the polished look.

“I love shopping at Goodwill because it provides the opportunity to have your own style without the standard being set in stone already. When you walk into a Goodwill store there aren’t mannequins dressed up in outfits already—no! You get to go in there and be unique. That’s what South by Southwest is about—each individual person, whoever they may be, being able to express themselves. That’s what makes South by Southwest unique.”

Spoken like a true local!

Shymetra’s fashion tip for the festival? “Consider the weather, being that we are in Texas. Layers are best!”

Shymetra's final looks

Shymetra credits her own mother for her sophisticated style: “As a little girl my mother always inspired me to dress up. I just felt like she was a somebody, a boss in her own right, and that stuck with me—the clothes that she wore and the confidence that she wore with those clothes.”

AshleyThe SXGW Popup Girl

She wants to draw the crowds and the adulation while she’s enjoying the Fest, no matter where she pops up! From tech conference to techno set, Ashley’s look turns heads and commands a crowd. For day time, Ashley paired a textured leopard print hat with a southwestern style romper and suede studded accent belt for a wild look that’s sure she’ll be seen!

On her approach to styling for festival season: “I’m both conservative and experimental. I like to stick with the same colors and the same styles, but I also like to change it up every now and then. I will experiment with something like two prints together for something I wouldn’t normally wear.”

For evening, Ashley mixed shredded denim with two toned riding boots to create a tempered down look perfect for lounging in a speakeasy or catching a show in an East side dive. Her favorite find of the day? “These awesome peacock print heels with spikes on them!”

Ashley's final looks

 “Goodwill has a lot of great stuff that fits hipster styles…and everything that Goodwill sells goes to a really good cause!”—Ashley

timThe SXGW Hipster

Military surplus (think vintage camo fatigues), short-sleeved button ups, bright colors, and a trusty pair of leather loafers are all on the docket for menswear this festival season. Step up your game with a bold hat or fun socks to really stand out from the crowd.

“I’m more adventurous during festival season. It can be fun to wear things that are eye catching and unusual because you’re going out and lots of people will be looking at you.”

Timothy played it cool by layering a graphic tee and an olive jacket decorated with silver hardware. He paired those pieces with dark washed denim for an outfit sure to outlast a day full of secret shows and pop up shops. For his evening street style, Timothy went bold by pairing a pastel, pony-patterned button up with white slacks and a fedora for an outfit that’s says, “SPRING BREAK!”

Need we say more? Just add man-bun.

SXGW Kid Cool

For those of you who are brave enough to take your youngster(s) to SX, there are rows of kid’s clothes to choose from at Goodwill. It’s a great way to show off your parenting professional picks – from sundresses and shorts, to little coats and shirts, your kids will look ready for the cover of any kid’s magazine. The best news? Most outfits can be tossed in the washing machine after a long day in Zilker Park! Check out these awesome SXSW Family Picks curated by DO512Family.

The Other SX Wristband

The most important one will be on your wrist, but you can balance things out with a little flair on the remaining one! How about this Sterling Lapis Inlay Bracelet? It will definitely complete a look, and get a few, too! Or this Sterling Turquoise Southwest Feather Cuff that will enhance any outfit, and bring a touch of Southwestern Style, too!


We hope you’ve enjoyed our SXGW Fashion Show! Share your great SXSW finds with #GWGoodFinds. Now get on over to your nearest Goodwill Central Texas store, and do a little SX prep work! Just add wristband!




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