Tax-Free, Fun-Filled, Back To School Shopping!

Back To School Shopping



Bernadette Noll, Thrift Maven and DIY Enthusiast

It’s back to school time, and you know how it goes. First the ads start arriving, promising fresh fashions and great deals. Then the kids start clamoring for this brand or that style. Then the school chimes in with the list of supplies – and before you know it you’re worried you might need a bank loan just to get through the first week of the school year.

Well, have no fear because Goodwill is here!!! At Goodwill, it’s easy to outfit your whole family –sometimes for less than the cost of just one outfit at a full-price retail store! And don’t forget, shop August 7-9 during the Tax Free Weekend to save even more!

Whether you’re a thrift store pro, or a Goodwill newbie, here are five different approaches that will not only outfit your kids for back to school but make it feel like a fun, affordable, family adventure too.  

student holding goodwill gift card

  1. Got little kids? Find a sitter or swap with a friend and head to the Goodwill on your own. Make a list of needs and sizes so you can really make the most of your shopping time. While you’re there, treat yourself to something special too.  At Goodwill prices, especially tax-free, treating yourself is easy to do!
  2. Got pre-teens or teens? Give each child their very own gift card and give them a sense of ownership over their fashion choices. At this age, giving kids any kind of freedom can give them the empowerment they need to make good choices in other areas too.students conversing in the store
  3. Make it a party. Bring a friend. Let your kids bring a friend too. Shopping at Goodwill with others not only doubles the fun but doubles your chances of finding that perfect garment too. Take lots of photos and share on your social feeds with #gwgoodfinds
  4. Got kids with a taste for labels?  Search the map for a Goodwill boutique near you. There you’ll find designer labels with approachable Goodwill price tags, which means your family fashionista will walk out ready to hit the runway and the school hallway too.
  5. Turn your thrift shopping into a scavenger hunt. With list in hand, you be home base while you send your children on missions to find estudent sorting through a rack of shirtsach item: blue shorts, white shirt, button down sweater, etc.  Have them return to you each time once the item has been found. Not only will you get the job done faster, but they’ll also feel empowered by having a say in their style choices.

So this year on tax-free weekend, bring your family to Goodwill. You’ll save money, have more fun, and maybe even teach your kids how to make good choices. Really, what else is there?

student modeling backpackstudent modeling outfit

student modeling outfitstudent modeling outfit

About Bernadette

Bernadette and familyI grew up in a family of thrifters, starting with my grandmother, who used to hit what she called her “Goodie Shops” enroute from Brooklyn to Beaumont in the 1930s and 40s. I am excited about joining the Goodwill team and sharing my enthusiasm for both second-hand and DIY – creating unique fashions and furnishings utilizing materials found in the thrift store. As a single mother of four, I love that I can handsomely and creatively outfit my entire family, all the while encouraging them to think for themselves and create their own style. Follow along with me as I share my thrift discoveries and my project ideas – not to mention the sheer thrill of the thrift store hunt!

– Bernadette Noll


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