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“I am.”

It’s a simple sentence, but there are so many additions you can make to that simple statement: I am thinking. I am doing. I am reading. On the opposite end: I am failing. I am losing. I am nothing.

“I am…”

One student at The Goodwill Excel Center took that phrase and turned it into poetry. Apparently there are a lot of quiet poets in the midst of the adults enrolled in the school, and some were recently highlighted in the school’s first newspaper, “The Tower.”

Noah Diggs, one of the school’s Life Coaches, explains. “Many of these students have had no time for what they felt was the frivolity of poetry in their lives. They have been struggling, trying to work and raise families, and just survive. Now they are working towards their diploma, and they are given that precious ‘me’ time, along with the wonderful gift of being able to express themselves.”

Along with poetry and other student writing, The Tower covers news and events important to students and their families, and was created to give them all a voice. There are tips on getting inexpensive car repairs, parenting tips, family reading classes, fitness programs, and more. The articles were written by student contributors, and the Goodwill Excel Center staff assisted, supported, edited, and encouraged the students through completion. Based on the premier issue, we’re looking forward to seeing many more in the future, which we will be proud to share.

Click to link to the 1st issue of Excel Student Newspaper

Click to link to The Tower

Click to link to the 1st issue of Excel Student Newspaper

Now, here’s that poem:

“I AM”

I heard
I came
I enrolled

I’m doing
I’m exploring
I’m discovering

I’m pressing
I’m pushing
I’m progressing

I’m talking
I’m reading
I’m writing

I’m thinking
I’m reading
I’m executing

I’m hoping
I’m praying
I’m envisioning

I’m producing
I’m achieving
I’m growing

One day
I’ll say

I attended
I completed

A Goodwill Excel Graduate
I am grateful

--Submitted Anonymously by a Goodwill Excel Center Student, Courtesy of Noah Diggs

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