There’s no time to kill – get your Halloween Horror Décor!

skulls and flowers


Halloween is less than two weeks away! With our huge selection of home and yard décor, your home will be the scariest on the block! It’s easy – come to your Halloween Headquarters, Goodwill. And with our décor starting at just $3.99, you can handily horrify hundreds!



Check out these dastardly doorknockers – sure to frighten even the bravest Trick-or-Treater –and they’re only $1.49 each! Throw a spooky shadow with these lovely LED lanterns, only $2.49 each. Our LED candle is safe, and adds that extra touch for only $1.99!

A little hot air comes in handy at Halloween – and makes it a whole lot more spooktacular! Who won’t be creeped out by these ghoulish gents, waiting in the shadows by your door? Take your pick of panic, starting at $29.99.

How about a little smile, Scarecrow? Lighten it up with these cute guys – a brainy buy at only $6.99!



Take your yard from plain yard to ”grave” yard! These tombstones are so realistic, you’ll think you’re walking through Old Salem and with witches about. And the price is realistic too, starting at just $6.99, you’ll want more than a few for your graveyard crew! Add spiders for an especially gruesome scene, starting at only $1.99.

Okay, now that you have your graveyard, add your wasted dead! Our scary skeleton includes the skull and two skeletal arms, ready to punch out of your fresh graves, for that extra edge of terror! The best part – the skull lights up and those dead eyes come alive! Just $9.99.

Ah, now for the final touch of eerie! You just can’t have hellish embellishments without frightening flourishes. Add this wispy webbing to create that perfect dose of chills!

We’re on Pins and Needles for Halloween!

Actually, we’re on Pinterest! Visit our DIY Halloween Décor page, where we’ve posted dozens of our favorite #DIY Halloween décor projects. Be inspired by some of the most inventive ideas that our curator dug up and pinned to our page!

And before you get in your coffin for the day, make sure to check out our Halloween Costume page.

Whether you want something brand-new or want to create your own, you can create an unforgettable costume with Goodwill. We have dozens of new costume choices, and if you’re building your own, you’ll find just what you need off-the-rack. Or mix-and-match for a one-of-a-kind look! Check out even more ideas on our Pinterest page!

So don’t let high prices haunt you! Shop Goodwill, your Halloween Headquarters!




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