This #CyberMonday:!

diy bracelet


And...we’re off and running! Once the last of the stuffing is stuffed into our bellies, it’s time for some serious #Holiday shopping!

We’ll start with Black Friday. Why wait in long lines for low prices when Goodwill stores are ready and waiting, and filled with all sorts of super-affordable, gift-worthy treasures big and small – including some brand-new holiday items and décor!

But what about #CyberMonday? If you prefer to shop from the toasty, private comfort of your own home, Goodwill’s got you covered! What, you didn’t know? That’s right, you can shop Goodwill Online, 24/7:

Our site is FILLED to the brim with tons of great items that have been hand-picked by Goodwill’s expert team of auction specialists. You can even shop other Goodwills, all over the nation! But we didn’t stop there. Check out the other online sites for books, computers, and more! Bibliophiles will swoon when they open their gift to find a signed rare edition or that out-of-print tome they’ve been looking for for years. Baseball lovers will wonder just how you know them so well as they sift through their endless pile of baseball cards all while wearing a hat from their favorite team. Got some kids or kids-at-heart on your list?  How about a remote control car or helicopter, some still new-in-the-box? Maybe they’d like a whole sorority of Barbies or a goldmine of Legos either in bulk or NIB specialty packs?

baseball cards remote control car in box

Barbies Star Wars leggos

Got a fashionista to shop for? Goodwill Online has tons of trendy purses, brand name clothing, and even some fancy gowns to wear to that high-style New Year’s Eve gala you’ve been invited to.

Vera Bradley purses Levi's jeans sequined gown

Vera Bradley Lot, Levi's, Ball Gown

If you’re a DIY kind of gift-giver, Goodwill Online is there for you too. Find all the pieces you need to create neat gifts, with odd-lot bags sold by the pound that can be combined into a truly special and one-of-a-kind gifts.  Perhaps this Southwestern-inspired bracelet made by one of Goodwill’s own DIY elves will spark some creative ideas! Peruse the possibilities! Who knows what inspiration you’ll find!

Grab bag jewlrey DIY torquoise bracelet

Grab bag jewlrey, DIY bracelet

And when we say Goodwill Online has it all, it might be a slight stretch, but seriously, where else can you pick up a candelabra, a skateboard and a Burberry suit in one fell swoop?

Candlestick skateboard Burberry Suit

Candlestick, skateboard, Burberry Suit

Who else has the perfect dollhouse to suit the architectural needs of every kid you know?  And while you’re searching, maybe you’ll find something for yourself this holiday season. As you can see, whatever your gift-giving needs, shopping Goodwill online definitely has something for everyone on your list!

dollhouse dollhouse box

tea kettleBookmark us and save both money and time – this #CyberMonday and all year long! Our only warning is: CAUTION! SHOPPING AT GOODWILL ONLINE HAS BEEN KNOWN TO BE HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!


Shop, Shop Online


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