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NOTE: The decision on the resolution was extended to this Thursday, February 2.

Tomorrow at City Council, a resolution will be offered by Council Member Troxclair to cancel the Simple Recycling Curbside Textile and Small Goods Program. As of now, we do NOT have the votes to pass this resolution. We need your help in reaching out to Council members to educate and influence them to take action. Please send an email or call your Council Member and ask them to vote “YES” to canceling the Simple Recycling contract. Please share with your friends and family – today is the day to make our voices heard.

Why This Matters:

Simple Recycling, an Ohio-based for-profit company began a contract with Austin Resource Recovery (ARR) on December 5th to collect curbside donations of household goods, in an effort to help achieve the City’s Zero Waste goal. In December alone, Simple Recycling picked up 60 tons of goods donations that will be sold to for-profit organizations, and then national, and international buyers. In this scenario, local non-for-profits who rely on goods donations to provide services for the most vulnerable in our community will lose donations, making it increasingly difficult to serve our neighbors.

Goodwill alone anticipates that we could lose over $1M this year – which would mean a complete reevaluation of our services. This does not include the negative impact to other not-for-profits who offer critical community services.

Please contact your Council Member today and let them know that you want do not want Simple Recycling, a for-profit company, to operate in our community and negatively impact services for our neighbors who depend on their support. Be sure to share with your friends and family – today is the day to make our voice heard!

You can use the sample letter below (cut and paste, filling in the xxx) or write one using your own words. The message is to cancel the contract.


Sample Email:

Dear Council Member XXX,

I am a resident and voter in your district, and I am writing to implore you to cancel the Simple Recycling contract tomorrow.  I support the City of Austin Zero Waste Initiative, but not at the cost of services provided to the most vulnerable people in our community by not-for-profits who rely on goods donations.

The City should invest in local organizations with demonstrated success in donated goods management, and who are also investing in making our community better. Choosing an Ohio-based for-profit company who is taking goods, and therefore money out of our community – to Houston and beyond – is not the culture of Austin, Texas.

Cancel the contract and work together with local not-for-profits who rely on donations to create a solution that keeps our money in our community while also moving the needle on Zero Waste. 

Our neighbors who rely on local not-for-profits will be the ones most impacted by this contract. We cannot take the risk that this for-profit company, Simple Recycling, will not harm our community. Every day that we do nothing is a day that a person in our own backyard is cheated out of services they need for a better life.

It’s time to do the right thing for Austin.




Thank you again for making your voice heard. We appreciate your time and action.



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