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By: Bernadette Noll
Guest Blogger & Goodwill Enthusiast

Create a Basecamp Flag – GoodwillDIY style!

Here in Austin, festival season is upon us! Time to find your beat, find your friends and get in your groove along with the tens of thousands of other attendees. But once you’re there, finding your people can feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Solution: The Base Camp Flag!!!

This project uses all Goodwill items for a total cost of less than $8.00. If you shop the Goodwill Outlet store, the materials could end up costing less than $2.00!


  • Pillowcase

  • 2 (or more) t-shirts with images or words that match your style
    red shirt with the words happy stacked three timessolid purple shirt

  • Broom or mop handle

OPTIONAL MATERIAL:  if you can’t sew or don’t have a machine, you can use iron-on Wonder-Under to hold your design in place


OPTIONAL MATERIAL: any piece of fabric to your liking.

purple and white striped material


Here are the simple steps for a Basecamp flag to be used year after year at every festival you attend! Follow along but insert your own unique flair.

  1. Start at your local Goodwill! Shop for a pillowcase to your liking. Many I saw were a mere .99 cents. pillowcase
  2. Now peruse the t-shirt rack in search of a design or words that suit you; a band shirt or a logo or simply words that express you.
  3. Next, a broomstick. This can be wood (easier to cut) or metal. I removed the mop head with heavy-duty garden loppers.
    sticks, rods
  4. If you are STITCHING your flag, cut your t-shirts into the appropriate pieces. (If you are using the Wonder-Under, now is the time to apply it to the back of the material you’ll be using happy happy  happy cut outaccording to the directions.) Once you get your initial pieces cut, keep the scraps handy in case you want to embellish some more.
  5. If you are using another material such as the kid’s pants, cut your desired shapes. First I tried a freehand star. Not pleased with the results, I printed out an online star pattern on cardstock and used it as my pattern for a perfect shape. For other shapes, just look around your house – you’ll see all kinds of shapes: a circle from a drinking glass, a square coaster, a rectangular building block, etc.
  6. Now to make the sleeve pole, on the open end of your pillowcase, stitch it shut from end to end, approx. 2” from the open end. (If you have anything other than a standard broomstick, measure and stitch accordingly.) sewing pillowcase
  7. On one end of the case, take out the stitches from the end of the case to the line of stitches you just created.
    removing stitches on  pillowcase
  8. On the open end, stitch from top to bottom of case, approx. 1/8” from the end.
    sewing pillowcasepillowcase on pole
  9. Insert the pole to make sure it fits in snugly. Once you’ve tested it, remove pole and set it aside.
  10. Lay out your design. Play around with it. Have fun. Once you’ve figured out your design, pin the pieces in place. If it’s multi-layered (like mine), pin only the bottom layer. If you’re using Wonder-Under, iron the pieces in place, following the directions and you’re done! pillowcase with designpillowcase with alternate design
  11. If you’re stitching it together, stitch one piece at a time. Don’t worry about slight bumps or missed stitches, as this is a flag that will be waving high above the crowds.
  12. Once you’re done stitching, iron over the whole thing; insert your pole, and AWAY YOU GO!!!
  13. For added flair, add your own personalized hashtag to the back of the flag. Who knows, you might even find some more friends! final flag on pole

We’ll see you at the Festival! We’ll be the ones waving our Goodwill DIY Basecamp flag! When you make your flag, show it off, and be sure to tag @AustinGoodwill on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or use #GoodwillDIY!




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