Newsletter: We’re building something amazing

Excel Grad


This quarter’s newsletter is all about building amazing new things. Building amazing new schools, building amazing new careers – building amazing new lives. Here are some highlights:

Building bright futures for their families and new careers for themselves was a main takeaway at The Goodwill Excel Center’s emotional inaugural high school graduation event for students aged 19-50. Read More

And speaking of building something new, our president gives his update on our new school construction, a new Goodwill store, new crime laws, and our own new Annual Report. Read More

Even more good news for our Goodwill Excel Center school: the RKG Foundation has donated $250,000 for equipment to build our Science and Technology Center! Read More

Our Board is full of award-winning people, and we can prove it! Lorie Marreo’s volunteer efforts have built up donations to Goodwill stores across the country. Read More

And since we’ve been talking about school, school, school, need we mention it’s almost Back To School time, and a few reminders on how you can build a great school wardrobe on a budget. Read More

How do we help build the local economy? See our infographic on Goodwill’s impact on Central Texas. Read More

Build our great programs by the month! Join our Good Friends Giving Club. Read More

We know you’ll enjoy this quarter’s newsletter. Help us keep building towards our vision of empowering 100,000 Central Texans to transform their lives through work!


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