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Ryan Schlickeisen is one of the curators of our online store: shopaustingoodwill.org.  He answered some questions about the history of shopping with us online, some quirky finds, and where he sees online thrift shopping going in the future.  Read on!

How long has shopaustingoodwill.org been around? 
We have been selling incredible collectibles, antiques and vintage items at auction online via shopgoodwill.com & eBay for 2 years and selling books, DVDs, and music on Amazon.com for 4 years.

What are some advantages to shopping online with us?
It’s a chance to get access to the best and most valuable items our community has donated all from the comfort of your computer.  Plus, since practically everything is sold in auction format, there are opportunities for outstanding deals!

How many items do you sell a day? A week?
We sell about 150 items (and growing) every day – we usually sell about 4000 items per month.

What are some of the most unique/fun items you have sold online?
So much great stuff: A Balinese Merfolk Egg Wood Carving, a diamond ring with a human tooth in the setting, a thousand dollar Kona Wood Ukulele, a Sterling Silver ranger set (cowboy belt buckle, keeper, & tip) handmade in Georgetown dating back to the 1940’s, a variety of taxidermied animals, several South African gold Krugerrand coins, much more!

What do you like best about working at the online store?
It’s an opportunity to work with an amazing, creative, and entrepreneurial team and to see some of the coolest, weirdest and most valuable items our community has donated in support of our mission.

Does shopping online with shopaustingoodwill.com benefit the local community?
Yes! It’s the same as walking into Goodwill store with about 88 cents of every dollar spent going back to our job training and placement services.

Where do you see shopaustingoodwill.com in 2 years? In 10 years?
The online sales division is growing by leaps and bounds, putting even more people to work photographing and listing items for auction, packing and shipping, and assisting our customers.  In 2 years we hope to be able showcase even more of the great stuff Central Texas has shared with us and in 10 years we hope to be a massive part of the retail success that fuels our mission.

Inspired to peek online now?  We thought so. Visit shopaustingoodwill.org  to see what epic holiday treasure you’ll find, all from your computer or mobile device!


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