Working For Youth: They Have Something Special To Give



“I can’t believe how bright and awesome my future is, and every step I take forward is thanks to you.” - Jermaine, Goodwill Youth Program Participant

Jermaine has faced his fair share of challenges. He lost his home in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit, forcing his family to restart in a new and weird city. That would be hard for any teen, but Jermaine also has a disability that could have let him easily become overwhelmed. He didn’t let that happen. Through upheavals, new cities, and new schools he worked hard, performed well in his special education classes, and graduated high school eager to find a job that would challenge him and help him earn a better quality of life.

Like many Central Texas youth, Jermaine wanted to earn his place in the world, but he needed help getting started. Goodwill knows that dedicated youth like Jermaine have something special to add to our community and our economy. That is why we have programs like Project SEARCH ― a collaborative effort between Goodwill and community partners that helps young adults build good work habits and healthy lives.

Through Project SEARCH, Jermaine found his current position at the University Medical Center Brackenridge as a Patient Services Food and Nutritional Service Aide. He loves his job, and he knows his future is bright!

 “If it wasn't for this program, I couldn’t have made the journey to where I am right now…there's no way this wonderful future would've been possible.” - Jermaine

When you give during Goodwill Working For Youth, you help young adults like Jermaine enter the workforce with skills and confidence - you invest in their future. Thank you for investing in Jermaine’s future, and thank you for investing in the future of Central Texas.

Goodwill Working For Youth campaign runs from October 1 to November 20! Donate today to make more futures bright!





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