Centex Materials

"The quality of individuals we have gotten from Goodwill has just been outstanding."
Jake Seay, Vice President of Operations, Centex Materials

Goodwill Staff Group and Centex Materials – They’re Crushin’ It!

What do you do when your company produces 2 million tons of building materials a year with only 31 employees? You get the best employees out there. That’s exactly what Jake Seay did, with the help of Goodwill Staffing Group (GSG).

Centex supplies quality building materials to the greater Austin area: aggregates, mixed concrete, base materials – and needed to get staffed with dependable, honest employees. Before GSG, they used traditional methods of finding people: newspaper, Craig’s List and word-of-mouth – and generally did not find who they were looking for. The help they did hire “didn’t stick”.  Once Jake hired the first person from GSG, he never looked back.

Part of the job description is being able to work without constant supervision, which involves not only reliability and honesty, but also skill and planning. One of his best employees, Alfredo, came through GSG. “Alfredo runs the rock crusher, and operating that is a ‘forward-looking’ job. You have to anticipate what’s going to happen next. Alfredo gets that, and he’s doing great.”

Jake adds, “They are great people and most of them are still here…at least 90%. Some people are in lead roles now. The quality of individuals we’ve gotten is just outstanding."

“My responsibility is to Centex Materials, so I’m going to work with the best possible people to get the job done. So far I’ve found that GSG has connected me to the best people to work with.”

Now that’s a job well done!

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