Community Service Hours

Complete Your Community Service Hours

Please review the guidelines below for completing Community Service Hours (CSR) for Travis County Adult Probation

  • 16 years of age or older
  • Attend a one hour orientation (prior to beginning service hours)
    • Orientation is held two days a week at two Goodwill locations. Please directly call the locations for questions.
      • South Austin: Oak Hill - 7100 West US Highway 290, Suite C - 1:00 pm every Sunday
      • North Central Austin: Macfarlane - 8965 Research Blvd. - 6:30 pm every Wednesday 
    • ​Please arrive 15 minutes early. If you are late for orientation, you may be directed to the next class.
    • Please bring the following items to quickly complete the orientation process:
      • ​Photo ID
      • Court-issued paperwork
      • Travis County Adult Probation CSR Assignment Sheet
    • Upon completion of Orientation, you will be credited one service hour and given an authorized form to begin at your assigned store.

Please review the guidelines below for completing Community Service Hours (CSR) for Non-Travis County Adult Probation.

  • If you have been assigned Community Service Hours by municipal courts or courts outside of Travis County, please contact the store manager of the retail location at which you wish to work to determine availability.

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