Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Kids: 8 DIY options 

For parents, Fall means back-to-school, after-school sports practices, and weekend recitals. And if that’s not enough to make the average parent crazy, the end of October means the added pressure of coming up with unique, creative, homemade costumes for Halloween, too!

But what if—with just one hour of shopping at your local Goodwill and some no-sew styling—you could have totally clever last-minute Halloween costumes for the kids and the entire family? And what if you could get the kids Halloween party ready for less than the price of one store-bought costume?

Read below for the full details of how to put together at least eight last-minute kids’ costumes from the Goodwill Outlet—and for less than $20 total. Remember, at the Goodwill Outlet, you pay by the pound, so you really can get the most bang for your creative bucks!

Costume Idea #1: Minions

Definitely one of the biggest costume ideas of recent years, being a minion doesn’t have to cost you more than a few bucks—or anything at all! For children or adults, all you need is a bright yellow t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt, some overalls, black shoes, and black gloves.

For the iconic minion goggles, bind together two Mason jar lids with black pipe cleaners: two wrapped around the center, and two wrapped on each side to make the earpieces. A great costume idea for any age—or better yet, a whole minion family! If you want to go ALL out, grab some yellow body paint from our Halloween section for your face, neck, and arms.

Costume Idea #2: Elsa from Frozen/Disney Princess

When it comes to Elsa, one of the most popular fairytale princesses of late, kids just can’t “let it go.” No doubt, many kids in Austin want to be Elsa from Disney’s Frozen (or maybe another Disney princess) on Halloween. Luckily, you can achieve this last-minute DIY Halloween costume for your kiddos for less than the cost of your favorite ice cream.

For less than $2 at the Goodwill Outlet on Burleson Road, you can run across something like this blue sequin cape, white, satin, formal dress, and sparkly princess crown.

For a generic storybook princess, and another $2, you can grab something like this vintage, purple, velvet dress and a unicorn beanie baby. Just add play shoes and you’re ready to rock the neighborhood for Halloween!

Costume Idea #3: Winnie the Pooh

Classic characters are always a great idea for Halloween. This super easy infant costume will inspire sweet nostalgia from all your friends and neighbors. While shopping, look for a yellow onesie. Layer it with a red tank top, and add a Tigger beanie baby friend or “hunny pot” to complete the look—which also should cost you $2 or so at the Goodwill Outlet.

Costume Idea #4: Monsters, Inc.

Keep Austin weird but yet not-so-scary with a Monsters Inc.-inspired look as a last-minute Halloween costume for your kid. To get the look, snag footwear like these fuzzy monster slippers, which one shopper found for about 50 cents at the Goodwill Outlet.

Paired with bright blue monochromatic tee/pants/pajamas from your own closet and some face paint, you’re a dead ringer for Top Kid Scarer (but ultimate softie) James P. Sullivan!

Costume Idea #5: Superhero

Caped crusaders like Superman never go out of style for Halloween! And this super easy costume came directly from Goodwill for less than $2! The cape and local superhero tee were kismet, but easy to make on your own from a simple red robe or XL tee.

Just cut the red robe or XL tee into a cape shape and tie it around the neck. From there, do a quick online search, then download, print, and glue a Superman “S” logo to the cape. For added superpowers, glue an extra S logo on the front of your blue T-shirt. Pair with blue pants, red underwear worn over tights or leggings, and a yellow belt.

To dress up as Superman’s alter ego, Clark Kent, simply wear the S-logo and blue tee under a white button-down shirt and dress pants.

Costume Idea #6: Sheriff

At some point in every child’s life, s/he wants to be the Sheriff in town. This historically inspired Western getup was about $1 and will have your kiddo deputized in no time. Just pin or glue a plastic badge to a vintage vest and pair it with dark jeans and a light blue or white collared shirt.

As an option for amping up the DIY costume, tie a ten-gallon hat around your little sheriff’s neck. And who knows: this last-minute look is so easy to pull off, you may want to take it and use it for your adult-sized costume, too!

Costume Idea #7: Broadway Star/Dance Competitor

Not only have Broadway musicals made a comeback, but TV competitions like America’s Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance have made theater and dancing really popular again. Here’s a Chorus Line party hat, jazz shoes, red sparkly dress, and skater skirt a shopper found, all for less than $2 at the Goodwill Outlet. Use your imagination or do a Google image search for costumes from your favorite routines to create your Tony award-winning look.

Costume Idea #8: Mork from Ork

One of the major costume trends in recent years paid homage to one of the late Robin Williams’ iconic characters from Mork & Mindy. This costume hit home with Gen X parents who fell in love with the quirky yet loveable visitor from outer space.

Inspired by these funny headbands one shopper found for about 25 cents at the Goodwill Outlet, you may find yourself chanting “Nanu-Nanu” about how easy this costume is to pull together! All you need are jeans or khakis, a baseball sleeve or wide-striped tee, rainbow suspenders, and some random buttons. You’ll be ready for prime time in no time flat. Trumpet optional!

Goodwill’s Got You Covered for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

We’re here to help you get through the Fall and Winter holidays–starting with Halloween! Visit one of our Goodwill retail locations to find budget-friendly items and makeup to create a last-minute Halloween costume for the kids or one that you can wear to get in on the fun.