Fatherhood Works Great Role Models Deserve the Best Tools

Attention all father figures! Do you want to foster healthy relationships, achieve career advancement, and secure your family’s financial future? Whether you’re a dad, an uncle, a teacher, or a mentor, our Fatherhood Works program is designed for you.

The 360-Degree Approach to Fatherhood and Beyond

Comprehensive Support for Modern Dads

From occupational training at the Goodwill Career and Technical Academy to dedicated case management and parenting classes, Fatherhood Works offers a well-rounded approach to both personal and professional development.

What You’ll Gain

Holistic Parenting Skills

Our hands-on parenting workshops offer real-world advice and proven strategies for effective parenting.

Career Advancement Strategies

Tailored training and certifications provide you with the tools to advance in your professional life.

Financial Literacy

Our financial literacy courses equip you with the knowledge to make sound financial decisions.

Job Placement Support

Our placement services are tailored to find not just a job, but the right job that complements both your skills and family needs.

Community and Relationships

Network with like-minded individuals and grow your community support.

Real-world Networking

Leverage our resources to connect with career opportunities that align with your skills and goals.

Why Fatherhood Works is Your Best Next Step

We go beyond the norm to offer a multidimensional growth platform for dads. Tailored coaching, specialized courses, and community support make us more than just a program; we’re your success partners.

Have questions? We’ve got answers!

Navigating fatherhood and a career can leave you with a lot of questions. Don’t worry; we’re here to clear things up. Whether you’re curious about eligibility, program costs, or what you can expect to learn, our FAQ section has you covered.

Want to know more?

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