A Code for Success

There may not be a perfect code for a successful career, but at Goodwill, there is a path you can follow to achieve a successful, long-lasting career as a programmer. And it all begins with enrolling in our Python program at the Goodwill Career & Technical Academy (GCTA).

The First Step to Success

Our Python program was specifically designed for community members looking to explore a career in the technology industry despite their backgrounds or disabilities. We even offer full tuition grants for qualifying individuals.

Our hope is that by investing in your potential, together we can help improve local businesses and strengthen communities for future generations. And it all begins here at Goodwill with a simple recipe for success.

What Is Python?

What is Python you ask? Python is the world’s fastest-growing programming language. The course was created to help students prepare and find jobs within the technology industry, specifically among businesses that partner with Goodwill.

Those considering a career in the technology industry are encouraged to sign up. We’re proud to offer a comprehensive program that not only introduces people to the Python language but also explores core programming and functions you will encounter as a programmer. By the time you complete your training, you will feel confident in your ability to master Python and confidently start your exciting new career.

How It Works

After mastering the fundamentals through our program and graduating, you’ll be ready to take the Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer certification exam (PCEP). This course is a great prerequisite before advancing to more advanced programming classes.

By the time you complete the program, you’ll have learned how to write and run Python code. The GCTA Python program takes a hands-on approach to teaching students the fundamentals of the standard Python library, prepares them to pass the Python Certified Entry-Level Programmer certification, and aids them in getting a foot in the door of the software industry through external resources such as apprenticeships. Feel confident that your skills developed at Goodwill have prepared you for your chosen career path.  

But that’s not all. According to instructor Gage Russell, one of the most important aspects of the Python program offered is accountability: “The Goodwill Python course offers accountability for each student through the support of the instructor and classmates ensuring that (not without desire) each student walks away with a rich new skillset.”

Success Stories

Scott Sattler first heard about the Python program through the Texas Workforce Commission when considering a career in IT. He was thrilled to discover that Goodwill was an integral source in helping launch his new career. “I had previously viewed Goodwill as merely a thrift store. I discovered it was also a massive jobs training program that has been extremely helpful for me, and countless others,” Scott said.

Upon completing the program, Scott quickly found himself rewarded with exciting new career opportunities. He discovered that he had been recommended for a teaching job by his instructor at Goodwill. That allowed him to maximize his potential and continue to grow as an individual. “The job has been extremely helpful to me, and has, for example, allowed me to better manage social anxiety that can cause problems with interview performance. I also enjoy helping those that are less fortunate than I am, and empowering the disadvantaged, which aligns well with Goodwill’s mission.”

Scott is just one of the many community members who has found a successful career through training programs such as Python offered at Goodwill. “The most important trait found in successful students is the desire and interest in learning Python as well as an understanding of the journey that they are embarking on, “ says Russell. Discover your journey with Goodwill!