April Pronounced Second Chance Month

To raise awareness of the challenges facing people with criminal backgrounds, President Joe Biden issued a proclamation marking April as Second Chance Month. It also shines a light on the holistic reintegration services offered by organizations like Goodwill Central Texas (Goodwill) that empower second chance individuals to pursue career pathways and achieve long-term life goals.

As noted in the proclamation, more than 600,000 individuals are released from state and federal prisons every year. The overwhelming majority will return to their communities, and many will face obstacles to securing employment and housing. Without access to education, training, and jobs, second chance individuals are at a greater risk to reoffend.

“Every person leaving incarceration should have housing, the opportunity at a decent job, and health care,” said President Biden. “A person’s conviction history should not unfairly exclude them from employment, occupational licenses, access to credit, public benefits, or the right to vote.” He pledged his Administration’s commitment to rethinking the criminal justice system, including providing quality job training and educational opportunities during incarceration and investing in reentry programs and support services to prevent recidivism. “By focusing on prevention, reentry, and social support, rather than incarceration, we can ensure that America is a land of second chances and opportunity for all people.”

Goodwill offers resources for all your needs

Goodwill is one of those who focus on providing educational and training opportunities to people with a criminal background. The Goodwill Excel Center, where adults age 18 – 50 can earn a high school diploma, has five campuses — one of them at the Billy Moore Correctional Facility and another at the Lockhart Women’s Correctional Facility. After the completion of their sentence, individuals can access job training at the Goodwill Career & Technical Academy and gain skills for an in-demand career in a variety of fields. 

For preparing for the work world, a team of Career Case Managers at Goodwill Workforce Advancement, specialize in offering individualized career planning, goal setting, resume writing, and computer training. Goodwill also has an internal staffing firm, GSG Talent Solutions, that connects people to meaningful employment. Goodwill also actively seeks to advance policy solutions that help people impacted by the justice system have a second chance for success and a fair chance for employment.

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