Back 2 School’s a Big Deal at Goodwill

Can you believe a new school year is almost in session? For most families, it’s a return to the routine, especially after some time learning remotely at home. To ease back in and start checking off that B2S list, swing by your neighborhood Goodwill. You’ll discover deals on gently used kids’ clothing, backpacks, and athletic shoes for a fraction of the cost of the original. For college students moving into a dorm room or their first apartment, there are so many unique finds in store, from décor to kitchenware to furniture. Plus, our selection of NEW items is ever-changing — $3.99 candles, $5.99 bath towels, and $19.99 queen-size pillows, just to name a few!

Given all these savings, you might want to consider donating to a school supply drive to help kids in your community start B2S on the right foot. Check around locally, or get info on the Communities in Schools Ready for School Supply Drive, going on now through the end of August. Additionally, our housing partner, Foundation Communities, is raising funds for supply-filled backpacks, laptops, after-school meals, and more for children in Central Texas.

As many parents and kids know, getting back in the groove takes more than gathering supplies and picking out first-day outfits. Here are three of our tips for switching seamlessly from summer to school mode.

Get Bedtime Right

Most children need 10 – 12 hours of sleep a night to feel fully recharged the next day. That means an 8-year-old waking up at 6:30AM for school should probably hit the pillow no later than 8:30PM. If summertime has relaxed your child’s bedtime routine, get it back a couple weeks before school starts with story time, bath time, or however your star student likes to unwind. To sweeten the deal, you might want to give their bed a makeover — Goodwill has brand-new 6-piece sheet sets (printed or solid colors) starting at $21.99.

Lighten Your Lunch Duty

Does your kiddo take their own lunch to school? Make packing it more of a breeze by finding a central place to store reusable plastic containers, lunchboxes, and water bottles so everything’s within easy reach. And don’t stop there — designate a special spot in the fridge for all your lunch-packing goodies, like deli meats, cheeses, and pre-cut fruits and veggies. This will create a grab-and-go station that’s a no-brainer in the mornings. If last year’s lunch kit or backpack is “so last year,” Goodwill has plenty of options worth checking out, starting at $2.

Create a Homework Haven

“Homework haven” may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s actually possible! When kids have all they need in one place, it’s easier for them to focus on the task at hand. The key ingredients for a homework haven are a wide and uncluttered workspace, a small lamp (some have built-in storage for pencils or sticky notes!), and a comfy desk chair. Optional add-ons: a bulletin board for pinning up jobs well done, a calendar or planner, and a fresh new notebook.

There you have it — our Back 2 School Prep 101. Best wishes for a happy and productive school year! If you’d like to share any B2S tips or tricks, feel free to leave a comment below.