Easy DIY Creepy Clown Costume: Step-by-Step Instructions

Want a killer look for this Halloween? Head over to Goodwill and get everything you need to DIY a creepy clown costume that’ll transform you into a classic Halloween persona we all love to hate!

On top of being super easy to pull together at home, this look won’t cost you an arm and a leg. For the DIY creepy clown costume you see here, we got these makeup and wig supplies for just $18.50. For the main clothing items, you can purchase the full get-up from a Halloween specialty store, or you can create one of your own. Goodwill has new and used accessories to pair with the make-up and other special touches you might add for a unique and personal flair.

Find Everything You Need at Goodwill

Here’s a list of items you’ll need for this DIY Halloween costume. Be sure to contact your local store to make sure they have what you need. Or, use this list as a go-by for inspiration and truly make it your own!

  • A white base kit (around $2.49)
  • The Killer Clown Kit, which includes a three-color wheel of makeup, a nose, teeth, a tube of white paint, and a tube of fake blood (all around $3.99)
  • The Twisted Clown Wig (for around $11.99. You can buy a wig cap with us as well if you don’t have one!)

Read below for the full details of how to put together your creepy clown costume with just a couple of make-up application steps and scary wig styling.

Step 1: Base Face Makeup

Before makeup

Start by covering your face with the white base. It’s water-activated so get the sponge wet and mix it into the pan until the powder turns to paint. Too much water and the makeup will run, too little and it won’t stick to your face.

Apply a few layers to each area before it dries to get the smoothest finish. Take plenty of time to make sure everything is smooth and even.

Step 2: Makeup for Your Eyes and Mouth

Next, take the three cream color wheel from the Killer Clown Kit. Start with the red shade and use a small fluffy make-up brush to apply it. Tap the brush into the cream and then tap the color on your face. Make sure you don’t get the red cream too close to your eye because the red color can be irritating.

Once the eyes are done, move on to the mouth. You can extend the corners of your lips, or paint on a frown or a spooky smile. Don’t forget to paint on your red clown nose! Once you are done with the red paint, use black for the inside of your lips.

For the last make-up step, you’ll add a little fake blood. Use a brush to dot some fake blood around the edges of your mouth.

Step 3: Wig and Final Touches

To top off your DIY creepy clown costume, put on a wig cap (optional), then put on the Twisted Clown Wig. To style it, use a widetooth comb to puff it out and achieve the desired volume.

The final step is inserting the fake teeth from the Killer Clown Kit. Now you’re ready to scare the entire neighborhood!

Shop Goodwill of Central Texas for Your DIY Halloween Costume Supplies

From wigs to make-up to costume clothing that won’t break the bank, we’re here to help! Visit one of our Goodwill retail locations to find budget-friendly items and makeup to create your last-minute creepy clown costume for Halloween festivities.