Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Mom at Goodwill

It’s easy to make Mother’s Day special when you shop at Goodwill—we have something for every mom! Whether she enjoys fashion, sports, books, decorating and so much more, you can spoil her this year by buying more, while spending less!

Below is a collection of Mother’s Day gift ideas to celebrate that special someone in your life who first taught you the value of thrifting. Nothing says spreading the Goodwill quite like the perfect Mother’s Day present!

Reframing a Perfect Memory or Photo

Looking to preserve a time-honored memory or photo that perfectly encapsulates what makes your mother so unique and special? There’s no better way to celebrate and protect this treasured memory than with a custom photo frame. We offer a variety of styles and sizes to frame any memory. Shop Goodwill today and show your mother just how important she is by adding it to her collection!

Introducing the Perfect Mom Jeans

Nothing says Mother’s Day like the perfect pair of mom jeans. Goodwill retail stores are stocked with a variety of styles and sizes of jeans for all mothers. Find the perfect pair today that will keep your mom comfortable and satisfied for years to come and remind her just how much she matters.

Just one pair of jeans takes around 1,800 gallons of water to make! By buying those items new, you’re cutting down on waste, water, and environmental pollution! Check out more about the lifecycle of a donation:

Breakfast in Bed

Why not surprise your mom this Mother’s Day with breakfast in bed and pamper her like she deserves? Show your mom how much you appreciate all her hard work by serving her a full-course meal to start the day. We’re talking pancakes, eggs, waffles, etc. And what better way to do so than with our selection of top-rated kitchen utensils and small appliances? Find the perfect collection of pots and pans or plates to serve breakfast this Mother’s Day. Or check out our collection of custom teacups to add to her collection and show off to her friends.

Flower Power

Did you know that our thrift stores are full of unique vases and gifts to spruce up any living room this Mother’s Day? Why spend all kinds of money getting flowers delivered when you can make an amazing DIY bouquet with a great repurposed thrift store vase? It’s a great reminder of just how much your mom means to you.

Are flowers from the garden more Mom’s thing? Check out our selection of gardening gloves, tools, baskets, and pots—all at a price you won’t find anywhere else!

These Boots Are Made for Mother’s Day

Get the best deals on shoes this Mother’s Day that will keep your mom proud! Compliment any outfit with our selection of boots ranging from knee-high leather styles to ankle boots to options that are great for hiking. Find the perfect pair of boots to spend the day in the park with your mother or explore a fun hiking trail.

Still Can’t Decide?

Never fear, boutiques are here! Check out one of our gw Boutique locations where you’ll fine curated, higher-end pieces that are one of a kind, just like your Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day from Goodwill Central Texas.