Goodwill. Good Reads.

Although there are many ways to read these days, we think nothing beats the feeling of a real book in your hands. The feel of the pages, the smell…it all just adds to the experience. We have a book section in every store and we we even have dedicated bookstores in many of our Attended Donation Centers. 

You can find a variety of hardback and softback books covering all manner of subjects.

Whether it’s religion, history, fine arts, biographies, or great fiction, you can find it on the shelves of your neighborhood Goodwill or Attended Donation Center/Bookstore. We even have the books that were made into your favorite movies.

We also have a huge selection of children’s books too so be sure to bring the whole family to browse. We bet you’ll find a great book or two for everyone.

Not only can you find a great read, you’ll likely find some fun accessories to make your own bookshelves unique and fun.

Goodwill makes it easy to read more on a budget. With prices starting at just 99 cents, you’ll definitely save more than downloading or ordering online. Check out the Goodwill or Attended Donation Center/Bookstore near you and find your next great story! 

If you prefer to shop for books online, you can do that too! We have a few online shopping options for the avid book lover: