Goodwill Is More Than a Store

Goodwill’s vision for the future extends far beyond our retail stores and your generous donations. It has a much larger impact on the community and affects all of us. That’s because Goodwill is committed to transforming future generations by empowering individuals through education, career training, and work.

Empowering Individuals

Our vision starts with you. Yes, you. The individual. We believe every person should live life to their full potential and that the best way to unlock that potential is through education and the power of work. At Goodwill, we are proud to improve the job readiness of participants through a combination of education, career training, job placement, and more.

By helping people become self-sufficient and providing them with the tools needed to achieve a long-lasting, successful career, we are giving them the opportunity to positively impact their community and spread the Goodwill. Our goal of creating pathways for individuals facing obstacles aligns directly with enhancing future generations. But what about obstacles standing in your way or preventing you from maximizing your success?

Cycle of Poverty

We believe that education and work are the only true pathways out of poverty, and we strive to provide opportunities for people in our community who face obstacles to sustainable employment. That includes individuals with disabilities, people lacking education, people with criminal backgrounds, people facing homelessness, and youth lacking opportunity.

At Goodwill, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a fulfilling, rewarding life. We are an organization where second chances exist and careers are born. Our case management team, job search programs, and career coaches are available to help you get back on your feet and provide you with the support necessary to achieve your goals. “The case management programs, I believe are some of the most valuable in achieving Goodwill’s mission. Case managers are essentially providing support for individuals to empower themselves in all areas of their life,” says Kevin Hall, dedicated career coach at Goodwill.

Education, Career Training, and Work

At our Goodwill Career Centers, we offer career advancement training, educational opportunities, and job placement support to help you compete in high-demand job markets. According to Kevin Hall: “GCTA plays a significant role within our mission. When an individual successfully graduates of the GCTA; they open many doors of opportunity. One of the main doors of opportunity is greater financial freedom, which is one of the greatest tools that assist in breaking generational curses.”

How Donations Help Our Mission

Goodwill transforms your donations into job opportunities. Not only do your donations provide financial support for the organization, which contributes to funding work programs as well as the Excel Center, but the revenue earned from the sale of donated of goods is directly reinvested back into the community.

Every time you shop or support Goodwill, you are helping fund our greater mission to serve the community. “Not only are donations and the revenue we generate from them supporting services to clients, but they also provide opportunities for folks that may not have been given a chance for employment be it due to a disability or perhaps a criminal background,” says Eugene Edwards, Director of Work Force Advancement at Goodwill. “We give people a chance to make a living and forge a path for their future.”

Mission Accomplished

With your support, we’re confident we can enhance the dignity and quality of life of all individuals and families through eliminating barriers and creating opportunities. Now, that’s Goodwill for all!

If you’re interested in learning more about our education and job training programs, visit this page to get more information.

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